Stages how to Teach Children to write a fun

Mom As a parent when a child learning to write teaching requires patience and the proper way so that children become like. At the time of writing teach should know if the child is not yet able to think like adults, children still love to play around.

For children who do not want to learn, especially those not interested in the activity of writing should be in the search for solutions by applying appropriate methods so that children are interested in and transformed into a love of writing. How to teach children to write should be introduced since the child enters the age of 3 years.

Before introducing the activity of writing, preferably a child develop and optimize the ability of motorik. This is because the activity of writing is closely related to fine motor abilities of the child. One of the indicators of a developing child’s fine motor is the ability of the child to hold writing instruments properly.

On the process of teaching children to write the required stages in accordance with their age and ability and should be done on an ongoing basis. In the process of teaching children to write well there should be no element of coercion. because of nötigung will cause children fear so reluctant to learn to write.

In the train to learn to write is also related to reading. Because, how could write if a child can’t read. But if for a mere child’s fine motor skills, mom could introduce the concepts of writing to the child. And still do with patient and compassionate.

There are a few tips that can mom super do to train and teach children to write, namely:

Write In The Shadow
This is the beginning of a child to know the lesson of writing, the first training is called to write the shadow. Practise the child by making the vertical line or horizontal. Point a pencil held the child by making a line in the shadow line to the side or upwards. Do this until the child’s learning process smoothly and the result looks straight.

Learn doodling
Provide blank paper, can book pictures, paper hvs or notebook. Let the child be creative with pencil holes. Let the little children to imagine and poured it all his imagination onto paper. If this process had started a routine, the children will tell the imagination what he drew. Mom as a parent must provide a positive appreciation of what in the produce. The purpose of this order is a doodling children skilled in using a pencil so that it can retrain coordinating between the brain and the hand.

Thicken The Lines
Before entering on the stage of writing the letter, you should begin the lesson with a good line thicken vertically or horizontally. Let thicken your child or connecting lines. Give appreciation of the results of the study of the child, this will make her feel appreciated and be ready to learn next.

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Thicken Your Letter
If the child has been smoothly thicken line, next stage mom could add material thicken your letters. So that more practical and better result, mom could give the book which contains the dotted letters being sold in the bookstore. If you want to make it your own, why not also can be hand writing or using a computer. And don’t forget to give an appreciation of the results of the study.

Such stages of tips on how to teach children to write. It is important to note that the stages above should not be performed randomly. should order as above and also adjust the capacity of the child do not force them. Due to teach writing require stages and what has been discussed above have been in accordance with the child’s development. Hopefully these tips could be helpful o mom.

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