Baby care tips including how to care for a baby from birth to toddler. Have a healthy baby and funny is always yearning for any mother in the world, for it as a mother we need to know the care is good for the development of the fruit of the heart. For the friend of Cantikinfo who became a mom I congratulate, because a friend had become a woman.

Taking care of a baby is not something that is tough and easy to do, it only takes a little expertise in performing maintenance, such as patience, precision and compassion. For the friend who will be a candidate for the mother and not knowing how to take care of the baby is right and proper, the friend can follow how to care for baby here.

Caring for a baby from birth to Toddler

Lift The Baby

For the expectant mother, raised a baby is not something an ordinary thing to do, especially if we do not have experience about baby one bit. For that here is the way how to lift the baby is good and correct.

Stand facing the direction, susupkan one hand down the head and neck, and another hand to ass baby.
Lift slowly and gently towards the chest, then turn his head toward the elbows grooves, and then his body with arm sangga mother.

When put it, hold the head and pantantnya. Pull it first hand from her ass, and then drag the hand under the head.

Bathing Baby

Bathing baby is a difficult thing to do, especially if we do not have experience in the slightest to bathe the baby, for that a mother needs to know properly how to bathe the baby.

Before mother bathing a baby, we recommend that you prepare in advance all purposes is attached, such as towels, bath SOAP, baby clothes to cosmetics. After that prepare warm water (36 – 37 degrees Celsius) or warmer in the elbow, and release the baby clothes gradually.

Mandikanlah baby started from the area of the face, head, chest, and others.

Afterwards clean the eye area from the outside in by using a cotton swab that has been moistened.
Wash the area of the head, face, neck, chest, arms, back, and consider daerha folds.

Use the shampoo on the head and body section sabuni baby by using a washcloth that has been moistened with warm water.
After that, the bilaslah with water until clean and dry using a soft towel.

Caring For The Umbilical Cord

For a newborn, certainly still had the umbilical cord attached to his body, for that I will give you information of how how to care for the umbilical cord is good here.

When you are finished showering, wipe the perimeter and bottom cord with gauze moistened water, then drain again and wrap with gauze.

The umbilical cord area should remain dry and clean, avoid closing the area with diapers.

Change Diapers

Change diapers is easy, but it also needed a little expertise in replacing it, because if not cleaned properly, the baby’s skin will become blisters.

Change a baby’s diaper wet every time.
Clear the first area baby affected by urine with clean water and pat dry with a towel or handkerchief.
Once dry, give the powder on the area of the thigh and the back folds to avoid skin abrasions.

Sleeping Baby

A baby takes time to sleep 16 hours a day, with a restless night’s sleep, waking several times punctuated. The baby does not yet have the remain sleep schedule to infants aged 5 weeks. To make the baby feel more comfortable while sleeping, the mother should be tried under it.

Baby bathe with warm water that has been ditetesi with baby bath.
After you have finished bathing, massage baby with baby oil or lotion.
Create a cozy atmosphere an quiet in his bedroom.
I can try with read out fairy tales and sang the song nina Lullaby, or embellish a baby with baby powder.
Should the mother of the baby harumnya products calming, yet safe and has been clinically tested.

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