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MOM: no words more beautiful than the word “Mother”, give, hear and write the word mother, always tasted peace … Because Mom is a wingless angel, Mrs. unsung heroes, and the mother giving selflessly. As much as any child trying to repay her mother will never be able to emulate the love and sacrifice for our mother her children.

This time min will write Articles Devotional Love Mom .

Articles About Love Mother’s Musings

Meditate, O my brother, how great the love of a mother, a genuine love, a tender heart, and love is no end to our children. Mother never tired of tuk maintain and care for her child, the mother never thinks to himself, his son is the most precious pearls of any kind and will always love her forever …..

Mother, until whenever will be the figure most we honor and pride and we must care, because of the mother-lah our life begins. Since Mrs. contain us for nine months, and then he was risking his life when we give birth and had to return risking his life when bringing up and put his goodness to our lives. She is the only female figure probably would have given anything for his son. Therefore, it is not too exaggeration if we devote all our energy as best we can, not to reply to all the services that will never be shortchanged, but at least do something to make a woman happy and tersempurna as appropriate.

In Islam, the position of a mother is glorified. Even likened to that of a child’s paradise is under the feet of mothers. Therefore, it is required in a child to be dutiful to his parents and especially his mother. In the Quran letter Luqman verse 14, Allah Almighty says what means:

“And We have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents; His mother bore him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Give thanks to Me and to thy parents, and only to me, you shall return ”

Mom always giving and doing for her, willing to sacrifice anything for his son, and never forget to give advice for the good of their children, that’s a form of affectionate mother.

This is an example of IBU advice to his son:

1. Complicated indeed for a patient with a problem. But it was the only way to resolve the issue properly

2. Patience will teach you how to be a mature person every step of your life.

3. Patience is not just when you’re sad, but also when you love, learn to be patient rather not become arrogant.

And Ponder is dear friends, about love mother was incredible, like this:

1. Mother never asked, but we realized as a child. Give as much as your ability.

2. Mom always strive to provide the best. Then make it happen for her kindness

3. She never demanded beyond his ability. But give him pride.

4. Mother was struggling to find money to feed their children, listen to some advice.

5. Mother just want their children to be happy in life, then understand a little feeling and wanted.

6. Mother always give blessing and pray for her son, so cheer up and attain success as a reward.

7. Mother kept smiling even in distress, help her with things that could make him happy

8. Mom was not more educated than you, but help with accomplishments

9. Mother always devote his affection every moment, then sempatkanlah to simply share her story

10. Mother was alive, you will be blessed with him before could only give a prayer.

Thus Articles Devotional Love Mother , may we can contemplate and could be more attentive and loving Mother.

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