Hamburger was not Derived from the city of Hamburg, Germany

Hamburger or burgers became one of the most popular dishes in the world. First introduced in the 19th century, no one knows for sure how many trips to burger as popular as it is now.

It is said that, at the beginning of his appearance, before being paired with toasted brioche bread, patty (meat burger from ground beef) enjoyed by using fresh white bread.
Offered from the Food World News, there is a misconception that said, burger was first made in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

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It is true that meat is one of the most common food in Germany and is consumed in the form of a sandwich or sandwiches. Over the years, the meat is increasingly popular and processed into various forms. It includes ground beef that is a common food in Hamburg.

Germany that immigrants come to America then make patty accepted in the land of Uncle Sam. It is because the manufacturing process is easy and can be directly consumed. Burger ever increasingly popular along with the needs of the community will be a handy fast food and cheap.

From time to time, the burger is becoming increasingly popular in America. However, during the world wars, this one is hard to find food due to limited meat mains.

Burger back reaping a high popularity after one of the U.S. fast-food restaurant McDonald’s opened its first outlets i.e. the 1940s. Restaurant has a large participation in the songs on the burger. Today, McDonald’s sold about 75 burgers per second per day.

After the 2nd World War, burger became increasingly popular. McDonald’s has expanded its coverage in the world and successfully introduced the ‘ burger ‘ culture in America and the world.

Currently Hamburger processed into a variety of shapes and flavors. Even the many food stalls that are trying to make a burger with a fantastic size.

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