Pleated, Made In Italy Padua Focuses On Youth And Short Chain

Pleated, Made In Italy Padua Focuses On Youth And Short Chain

Contemporary creativity, short chain, young employees here is the recipe for success of Plissé, founded in 1988 by Morena Bragagnolo and Paul Mason. Three house brand products: Beatrice b, and Sfizio Smarteez. The company Piombino Dese, in Padua, in the last 25 years has become a true Italian fashion house, with a total turnover in 2014 reached 17 million euro, up 15% compared the previous year. The goal is now to accelerate, albeit organic growth: at the end of 2016 the turnover should reach EUR 20 million, driven by an increase in orders for spring-summer 2016, it stood on a +25 % in Italy and a 22% abroad.

Short chain – he spoke with CEO Paul Mason. First, the short chain: “To have a streamlined, yet controlled – said Mason – we have a short chain of subcontractors for a total of over 350 employees who work exclusively for Plissé and acting in the radius of 10 km plus a year, we have had two ironing within our logistics for zero road travel and the ability to directly assign dedicated leaders in the box. ”

YOUNG EMPLOYEES – At present the company has a team of 36 internal employees. “The average age of our employees is quite low, about 30-35 years – said Mason -. The company invests heavily in young people and with the steady growth of sales staff assume where there is need. Right now we are hiring staff for the development abroad in such a way that each market has the reference person who can follow and resolve any request “.

ITALY – Plissé has a network of 1,300 stores worldwide, including 800 in Italy, square of undoubted importance. Large cities like Milan and Rome were also accompanied iconic locations including Taormina, Cortina, Portofino, Rapallo, Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi. One of the drivers of business development will be the construction of a network of flagship stores thanks to a series of partnerships. This route is part of the opening of an exhibition that headquarters will be based in Milan in Viale Bianca Maria, 45: an international showcase for the lines Beatrice b. and Sfizio, a retail space but also a place dedicated to events and parades.

A sum of various investment was the key to success in foreign markets, as explains Mason, country by country. “For the US market opening in 2013 of Plissé Usa Inc in Los Angeles he meant that the customer may have a product made in Italy

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