You Want A Really Clean House So Throw Away All This Stuff Now!

You Want A Really Clean House So Throw Away All This Stuff Now!

A clean and tidy home is the dream of everyone. Sometimes, however, you can clean and clean up any number of times, but it is time to throw away something. In this book of ideas we will present some typical examples to which it continues to turn around and too often and for too long are not resolved in your homes. You acknowledge some of these things Then descend into action and throw it away now. And your house will be cleaner than ever.

Sponges and old towels

In the kitchen you need a frequent and thorough cleaning. This environment is used every day and when cooking is always something dirty Cleaning using sponges or towels but, with the passage of time, these older and remain always a little ‘dirty. So started throwing away the old ones. The sponges are receptacles of germs and bacteria and you can start from here. As for towels or microfiber cloths you can suffice quite a laundry for later reuse.

The L-shaped kitchen

The L configuration is classic and always good solution, even in a context where the volumes available are limited. As we see in this case, the L is almost only hinted at, and sees the dark color of the furniture of to locate in a clear way the kitchen space.

A second work surface

In the context of a very small kitchen, another good solution is to insert a second work surface, using the structure to create a semi-wall that connects the kitchen with the rest of the house. As we see in this case, you create a zone in which are placed the table and chairs for a small but comfortable dining area.

A step of kitchen

Many small houses are equipped with passageways that can be exploited to insert a corner for cooking. As in the case we see, in which a corner of the environment is transformed in the kitchen thanks to a semi-separation wall which allows to obtain an area for the preparations and firing, separate and integrated at the same time from the main.

The dining table

To keep things simple and exploit all the available space, a table like what we see becomes the connecting element between the kitchen area and the rest of the house. of extreme simplicity and effectiveness solution.

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