Mimosa – The Third War (Vintage Gas, 11 t.)

Mimosa – The Third War (Vintage Gas, 11 t.)

The theater training, between Romeo and Juliet and a cheerful Five dead boys, certainly has a great function and promotes the balance of an account for some time left over, that of an authentic debut studio Mimosa Campironi, in The Third War, not only it places its bases right in the theater, as denoting the march lopsided of the title track, the pinwheel sociopolitical de effects and starred in I want to poison me a bit ‘, but embodies the voices of many women, located in a pop fundamental to Oranges and dream in the romance of the wrong guy, full of electronic pulsations (the school gym) and relaxing in the lullaby of Teeth, through the piano ballad meta-medieval Doll and excursus by prog 70’s of the soft Fakhita prayer up to imprint copyright, the work of the two peaks, the confession was not me and the memory of past and present air Fame. The result is a disc to watch an artist whose synergy between singing and acting denotes a fully realized vocation and strengthened. Gustavo Tagliaferri

Any Other – Silently. Quietly. Going Away (Bello, 10 t.)

The project Lovecats, Adele Nigro has often sported a composition vein uncommon http://sewa-organtunggaljakarta.blogspot.com, voice print that belongs to a few other artists. The first album by Any Other starts here, but goes further. Erica Lonardi (drums) and Marco Giudici (bass and keyboards), in fact, create a wonderful rhythm section, they can enhance the vocals of every song and add different nuances to the sound of the band. A shift from folk to lo-fi, also implemented through electric and fuzz guitars. Blue Moon and Teenage, perhaps, are the most significant moments of this (re) approach to the typical sounds of Built to Spill or Modest Mouse. In Sonnet # 4, however, is the vocal line to take over, in terms of volumes. Silently. Quietly. Going Away is a mature album, full of emotion, of melancholic melodies and is, surely, one of the best Italian musical proposals. Daniel Sappino.Then Comes Dudley Jesus Lizard. While these influences are sketched and reworked in a personal way, the vocals and the album’s rhythmic structure are too tied to the band’s sound as Massimo Volume. The first album Astolfo on the Moon is a confirmation of the band’s compositional skills, a further step forward in the search for personal sound aesthetic, the result of a restatement of the reference standards. Daniel Sappino

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