This reason was also bagik MSG for health

Monosidum glutamate or MSG is commonly known by the latter is often avoided many in the content of foods, particularly for high-fat dieters. But according to scientific studies there is a positive correlation between a diet high in fat and sodium.

The nutritionists recommend to reduce the intake of sodium and fat, which is responsible for keeping the taste of a meal. However, MSG with 1/3 of the sodium content of table salt, with lower usage of salt.

Reported, studies show that people have a good level of acceptance of food when foods with low levels of salt added bit of monosodium glutamate.

The study is published in the Journal of Food Science, evaluating the response to the clear soups with and without MSG in some percentage of salt. The dashed horizontal line on the graph shows the preference level respondents.

Which only added salt soup favored by respondents in the salt content of 0.75%. While the soup is added a little MSG favored by respondents in the salt content of 0.4%.

According to Dr. John Chandrawinata MND SpGK, low-sodium diet is recommended for the treatment of hypertension.

“Palatability of low sodium diet can be improved by adding MSG or CDG for food, MSG is safe for consumption because they are classified GRAS food additive, said hospital doctor Melinda these Bandung.

Dr. John added, in June 2016, a recent study in the journal Food and Nutrition Research entitled, Reducing Intake of Sodium in Soups Spicy Using monosodium glutamate MSG, the researchers concluded that the soup is low sodium content can be increased levels of favorite with the addition of MSG amounts right. This suggests that MSG can replace the salt (sodium chloride / NaCl), helping to reduce the intake of sodium in the diet.

The researchers also noted, soups are common foods consumed throughout the world, therefore it is important to control the consumption levels of NaCl in the soup in order to maintain a healthy body.

By replacing salt with MSG in soups can make a major contribution to human health.

Sdangkan, according to the Institute of Medicine (Assessment of Evidence, 2013 on sodium intake in the population), although it has made various efforts in recent decades to reduce sodium intake (a major component of table salt) in the diet, on average, American adults still consume 3,400 mg or more of sodium which is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of salt per day.

In Indonesia, the Ministry of Health has set through regulation no. 30 In 2013, the limit sodium consumption is 2,000 mg / person / day, equivalent to 5 grams of salt. MSG Improve Taste Food Low Sodium

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, an amino acid found naturally in protein-containing foods such as meat, vegetables and dairy products.

Since its discovery more than 100 years ago, MSG has been used effectively to enhance the umami taste in food.

It is also an effective way to reduce the amount of salt used in food preparation. Studies have shown that people crave foods that are low in sodium when added little MSG.

Unfortunately, there has been a mistake in the community because MSG is considered to have a high sodium content. In fact, MSG contains only 1/3 compared to the amount of table salt (MSG contains about 12% sodium while table salt contains 39% sodium).

Although MSG still contains little sodium, and can be used in a low-salt diet, but not as a substitute for salt.

Consumers find that MSG has additional benefits in their diet which also have an impact on health, the use of MSG that has been proven safe and effective as the sense amplifier is instrumental in reducing sodium intake. MSG become an essential ingredient for people who do a low-sodium diet, because MSG can enhance the flavor of food delicacy and can reduce the intake of sodium.

In fact, when MSG is added in cooking sodium levels can be reduced up to 40% while maintaining the desired taste.

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