What Is Said In The Book Franzen

What Is Said In The Book Franzen

On September it was released in the United States Purity, the new novel by Jonathan Franzen, published by the publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Since the New York Times had announced a year ago, it was probably the most anticipated novel of 2015. In Italy will be published by Einaudi as his previous books, probably in February 2016.

Franzen, who is considered one of the greatest living writers, is 56 years old and was born Western Springs, Illinois, United States. His first novel, The Twenty-Seventh City, was published in 1988. Four years later, in 1992, he came out strong movement and in 2001 his most famous novel with which obtained a great popularity, Corrections, which won the National Award for best novel . In 2010 he published Freedom https://iccpublisher.com, considered by the New York Times one of the masterpieces of American fiction. Franzen often writes articles and essays (especially in The New Yorker), speaking on literary and non-literary themes one of the most important was Perchance to Dream published in Harper’s Magazine in 1996, a long reflection on writing and on the reasons to write novels. In 2010 Franzen ended up on the cover of Time as the Great American novelist. Having an attitude to opinions rather peremptory and drastic, amid accusations that are turning more frequently there be presumptuous and provocative, as when he called Twitter unspeakably irritating or churches that Corrections was removed from the list of recommended books for Christmas from the TV show Oprah Winfrey; and he has also been accused of sexism and misogyny about his female characters.

Purity is his fifth novel. surveillance and digital privacy talks, political activism and the cult of personality on the internet, the relationship between the current generation and the 70s, through the story of the life of Purity Tyler, called Pip, a young student who to repay debt university and run by a complicated relationship with his mother, decides to look for his father who has never known. The plot is divided into six parts, it is told from four different points of view. The events of the supporting cast characters are then deepened and constantly change the temporal and geographical setting of the story.

Curtis Sittenfield the Guardian wrote that reading Purity, for the first time in his life he happened to take pictures and tweet the page of a book. The Sittenfield enthusiasm focuses, in particular, on the charge of destroying all forms of privacy that Franzen caters to internet and social networks, areas in which they move two important secondary characters, one hacker – much like Julian Assange – and an investigative journalist.

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