How To Store The Dried Tomatoes, The Advice To Avoid Mistakes

How To Store The Dried Tomatoes, The Advice To Avoid Mistakes

How to store the dried tomatoes, the advice to avoid mistakes and get excellent preserves with this tasty vegetable. If you have dried tomatoes and do not know how to store them, here is some practical advice!

If you love making jams in the house and you have had the wisdom to dry fruits and vegetables, will perhaps raise the doubt on how to store all that you have diligently dried. Tomatoes, one of the most popular vegetables that we would be able to consume all year, are well suited to the process of dehydration, then store them properly once buckets made is critical; the solutions, for this purpose, are all simple and very practical. The choice depends on your tastes and the use you want to do the tomatoes we see all preservation of dried tomatoes techniques.
dried tomatoes preserved in the pantry

You can save the dried tomatoes in airtight jars in a cool, dry and dark. This method, however, is to be exploited only if you have used a dryer and not if you have left the tomatoes to dry in the sun. The first method, in fact, has removed all moisture, while the natural drying necessarily leaves the traces of water which may generate mold in the course of weeks.
dried tomatoes preserved in the freezer

It is important that the tomatoes do not come in contact with air, so use airtight containers and packed well dried tomatoes, to eliminate all spaces. Prefer the vacuum bags, that way you will be certain to preserve tomatoes in the best possible way. Frozen, dried tomatoes last about 18 months.

dried tomatoes preserved in oil

Wash the tomatoes (possibly green), cut them in half, salatene the surface and put them in the fridge for 6 hours, placed in a colander. After this time, wash them gently to remove the salt and place in a bowl with half a liter of vinegar for at least 4 hours. That done, drain, dry thoroughly, place them in jars and cover them with oil. Boil the jars, sealed.

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