Cara Merawat Anak dan Mendidiknya, Orangtua perlu Lakukan 18 Hal Ini Agar Anak Cerdas

Ssetiap parents definitely wanted his son has a good flower to grow. In infancy, the brain cells develop very rapidly. Toddlers have a remarkable ability to absorb new information and intelligence. Following a number of ways that can encourage and train your toddler to have intelligent brain:

Cara Merawat Anak dan Mendidiknya, Orangtua perlu Lakukan 18 Hal Ini Agar Anak Cerdas

1. to provide breast milk

There have been many scientific studies that could prove that BREAST MILK contains many nutrients that are able to boost the immune system and the intelligentsia orthe intelligence of the infant’s brain. Provide exclusive BREAST MILK on the child since baby.

2. Invited talk

Tell me about anything on it. What is clear, the child became know, he is the center of our attention. This will support them in the development of the language and knowledge of his thinking.

3. Read out the Story

According to an expert on education, Dr. Truglio, Rosmarie reading can make children loved the book, adding to the Repertory and its ability in the vocabulary and developing his skills in the language.

There is no reason too early to read stories to children. Now it’s been a lot of goodbooks with color and images interesting to read in the child. Read a story every day.Read with the intonation and expression as we’re playing the drama.

4. Come into play

Get involved when the fruit of careful play and teach you how to play the true can accelerate the learning process in children. Her growing potential, can recognize his ability, his talent, his emotional needs as well. According to Dr. Jean Ashton.

5. Stimulation of intelligence with educational toys

Make sure the children have toys that are not random. Give them toys educational puzzle toy much less child-like puzzle games, Sudoku, chess or crossword puzzle special children. Besides asking the children to memorize the simple things can also sharpen a child’s brain, give praise and reward when he succeeded.

6. Stimulate the intellect with glue pictures and writings

Buy letter alphabet made of plastic and keep it in the bathroom. Each time, introduce a new letter and did over and over again until the child memorized. Or paste thisat the door of the room, at the door of a refrigerator and a place that is easily seen by children. In that way, slow down the child will begin to learn of the existence of the relationship between speaking and writing in the language.
7. Always do a repetition

Many parents feel frustrated if his son repeatedly reading one page in the same book or watch a movie/VCD it-that’s it. Don’t panic and hates it. This is an important part where children get to know process information.

8. Fertilizer Curiosity

In order that children have an interest and have an interest in science, certainly parents should always teach and educate the new skills. This was done so that curiosity always awake children so will be caught his interest the most high in what.

9. Teach physical activities

Remember, physical education is directly related to academic education. Research shows, brain development is also closely related to physical education, such as a crawl before the age of 1 year. If the parents and toddlers often do various sports activities together, it can help increase physical development as well as the child’s brain. Invite your toddler running around, swimming, and more.

10. Maintaining health

Scientists from the University of Illinois managed to prove the existence of a correlation between the achievement in school. Teach children to exercise, keep clean andhealthy food and nutrition are met.

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