Decorate without money

The masters of the decoration are often not more than people of good taste. Professionals aware of harmonious relations that must exist between the space, the light, colors and objects. And mostly they are people daring, capable of giving a new valueto each of the elements you have, unless import you much prejudices and customs.

This means that you can be an insurmountable decorator that revolutionizes your home giving rein to your creativity. If you want to start now, here I leave some suggestions that can help you

Decoration without money

Change the place furniture: to almost all women like us do it and is that often givesthese reforms, as well as move lamps and carpets, a new meaning to a room.
Combines colour and texture: it is not necessary to paint the House, enough to takeinto account certain details of color and texture that can be modified in an incredible manner the perception of space. These different touches can get through curtains,carpets, folders or tablecloths, frames a picture, an ornament, the cushions on a couch… Opposite tones Earth and sand, for example, can use the ripe yellow and greenbotanical; also operates the olive green with the salmon Orange combination.
Organizes and… Strip!: according to psychologists, organize and throw away as useless, or not use, is a very healthy action for our spirit.!.! Take advantage of that needthat you feel today to change your surroundings and strip everything in your Housenesting aesthetic criteria and utility. Vacate the place brings a different air, clears the environment and renewed energy.
Change the lighting: light is a crucial element because it attenuates some colors andhighlights others. A spotlight highlights an area. If stand, for example, your favoritearmchair on a carpet of warm colours and light it up with a point light, you’ve created a space where before there was it.
Renews the appearance of the furniture: If you replace hardware, give it a gloss to a piece of furniture, or change a picture or mirror frame, achieve a different look in the room. It also works to replace the covers and upholstery of your chairs, armchairsand sofa by others with new colors and prints.
In particular frames may be more important than you think, replace one classic by another smooth dark wood, you can no longer vary this relationship with the environment but the same reading of the work of art.

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