Nintendo Switch: All information about the start

Nintendo Switch

On March 3rd, the new Nintendo console console comes into the market. Here you will find information about price, games and everything else that is important. On the console market, there are two staggers: Sony with its Playstation 4 and Microsoft with the Xbox One. It was not always so, because the Japanese company Nintendo mixed with a long time. With the last Nintendo console, the Wii U, however, turned the sheet. She sold herself slowly. The console, whose controller was a mixture of tablet and normal controller, simply did not arrive at the players.

This should be different for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo remains true to the combination of controller and tablet but in a different way. The switch is in principle a powerful, 6.2 inch tablet, to which two controller parts, so-called Joy-Cons can be connected. The highlight is the Nintendo Switch station, which can be connected to a TV with an HDMI cable. When players push the switch into this station, the image of the tablet wanders onto the TV. This works fluently. The Switch has its own battery. This means that players can also play Zelda, Mario and co. If the battery runs out of power, it can be charged via a power supply or via the switch station. The switch also has a fold-out stand on its back, which allows it to be placed on a flat surface on the road.

When does the switch and how much will it cost?

Germanystart of the console is on 3 March. It costs 329 euros and is available in two colors, which only concern the two Joy Cons. They are available in gray or in combination of neon-blue and neon-red. If you want to have the console and you have not yet reserved it, it will probably have to try on site in a shop. Because in most online shops it is sold out. Scope of delivery:

The switch
The switch station
The two Joy-Cons
Two Joy-Con wrist straps
A Joy-Con bracket
An HDMI cable
A power supply

What else is there for accessories?

As an official Nintendo accessory appears to the start of the cable-free Pro controller (69.99 euro), which should lie better in the hand than the two Joy-Cons. If you still prefer to play with those, there is another holder, the Joy-Con rechargeable holder (29.99 euros). In contrast to the standard model, it also charges the two Joy-Cons.

For all who want to protect their Nintendo Switch from damage, there is also a bag including protective film for the screen (19.99 euros). You can buy additional Joy-Cons, of course. They are pricey however quite steep: single they cost 49.99 euros, in the double pack they beat with 79.99 euros.

Important for people who are planning to download games: The internal memory of the switch is only 32 gigabytes, of which approximately six gigabytes are supposed to be occupied for the operating system. However, some games are so big that they do not fit into the memory. Then users have to retrofit. In the switch fit microSD memory cards that expand the capacity.

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