As a result of occurrence of Landslide

As we all know Verily,  natural disasters must give rise to any kind of impact. Most of the impact is a negative impact, though sometimes reversed the negative impact also tucked a positive impact but very few or even none at all. Earthquake preparedness kit. Earthquake as with other types of natural disasters, landslides also cause a variety of adverse impact on living creatures that exist in the vicinity. Some impacts would be caused by landslides, among others, are as follows:

  1. Many lives

Almost all natural disasters can cause a lot of casualties, is no exception to natural disasters such as landslides this. The reason why landslides often cause casualties because in general or land usually go longsir occurs when torrential rain fell. When the rain was falling surely people will gather in the house in order to avoid a fall of rain.

Landslides also a decline in natural disaster is always a way that suddenly. Because datanganya sudden this community who are in trouble and the house will not have time to save themselves. People will be crushed by rubble or even be buried by soil or rocks that are in the vicinity.

  1. Damage to infrastructure

By landslides will we get a variety of infrastructure damage to buildings in the vicinity of a natural disaster. In general, infrastructure damage is the most common residential houses or residents.

This is possibly because the number of houses or residential most. But we need to know along bahwasannya other than home or residential, is also still a lot of other infrastructure that may be damaged as a means of education, health facilities and also a place to perform religious activities. Damage to infrastructure caused by landslides can be said to be very large and it certainly will have a very large value of the materials. So that we can assess together bahwasannya landslides is very detrimental to natural disasters, baim in metari and non-material.

  1. Livelihoods

In general, landslides will occur in mountainous areas where many people are working as a farmer tilling the land fields and fields mapun also farms. When a landslide is attacking then sebagain of land cultivated as a source of livelihood will be damaged. This of course would cause the land to become damaged and livelihoods in the surrounding decreasing and damaged. As a result, many people who will lose their livelihoods.

  1. Worsening environmental sanitation

Landslides also cause damage to the environment sanitation. As a result of environmental sanitation for the worse. When landslides attacking the water channels will also be disconnected. And we all already know that water is an element that is very supportive of human life. This will automatically create a sanitary environment to be very bad .

  1. The emergence of various kinds of germs

The impact of the next is the spread of germs. It’s almost like we can find in natural disasters. Although not a direct impact, but landslides can damage residential areas. This will make the residents had to evacuate. In refugee camps is often based on a wide variety of diseases. It can be powered by a variety of factors in the environment evacuation itself.

That miraculous effects that may result from landslides. In addition to the effects mentioned above, there must be other impacts that can be felt by humans either realized by manuisa or unconscious.

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