Indonesia is one of the areas prone to earthquake. This is because the Indonesian archipelago flanked by fracturing the plates that have the potential earthquake. The existence of volcanoes are active in various places, also at times can lead to earthquakes as well. Only maritime Kalimantan are relatively safe position of a potential earthquake, but in general can be ascertained Indonesia has great potential will always receive the impact of the earthquake.

An earthquake with a tsunami followed after, like in Aceh in 2004 has proved how powerful the number of victims to 200 thousand people, buildings destroyed, all the activities of everyday people stop completely.

At that time for survivors to think, impossible cities that caused the earthquake-tsunami in Aceh will go back to normal life. Earthquake kit as for the impact that may result from an earthquake events include loss of life, injury / injuries, psychological disorders, physical damage to buildings, facilities and public facilities, changes or disturbances in social, economic, political and spiritual etc.

The impact of the earthquake; a). The deaths, injuries / injury; the data provide information that the earthquake followed by tsunami on 24 December 2004 claimed the lives of about 200 thousand people dead and thousands injured in conditions / injuries. b). Psychological disorders either mild or severe, usually lasting or temporary is another aspect that may occur after the disaster, especially the great earthquake. Loss of life of parents, children, relatives, close friends, possessions, etc., will have an impact on the psychological condition of the people in general.

It can be seen on the condition no longer passion in life everyday, feel guilty not being able to help their families and victims who, often pensive, sad etc. From a physical examination will usually be found sleep disturbances, no appetite, heart pounding, frequent headaches, pulse and unstable blood pressure etc. All indicate a psychological condition experience problems resulting from a disaster. c). Physical damage to buildings, infrastructure and public facilities. It may be said almost all the buildings located above the face of the land, such as buildings, towers, dams, and transportation infrastructures.

The impact of the quake on the means of transport is in the form of damage to roads, damage to the bridge, and the landslide on the cliff at the side of the road. Such damage ranging from mild to severe, even the street can no longer be passed at all. Well, if the road has been buried by an avalanche of rock that covered the roads and impassable. Conditions interrupted transportation, impact on the economy, health, relief. And transportation infrastructure damage usually occurs in the road network is hilly or mountainous areas.

The main roads as well as alternative roads will be damaged, cliff road buffer roads buried by landslides or cliff flanking the road. If this happens more severe suffering of the victims because the rocks will be cut off, it must be quickly resolved. d).

Changes in social life; life changes after a catastrophic disaster, particularly the devastating earthquake, the interaction between the victim and the rescuer has two effects: positive and negative in the social life of local communities. The positive effect as  good cooperation between both the giving and receiving in the concern to help others, there is a process of learning how to interact socially with various tribes and nations. e). Economy; economic life after the disaster will affect the daily life of the community, due to the occurrence of unemployment, poverty, ignorance and backwardness.

This tendency will bias the weak will of society to move forward, the low quality of human resources, the weak exchange rate of production, low productivity, limited capital owned, low income and limited opportunities to participate in development activities, both physically and mentally.

For example, research results Baroroh (2008), from the public Kepuh Wetan, it was found that the events Earthquake, May 27, 2006 had a considerable impact seriously, especially with the paralysis of economic activities that result every citizen suffered from living in a situation of “invalid capital” or living without income at all. That applies at least for the three communities which, among other professions entrepreneurs, farmers, and laborers.

If the economic conditions of post-disaster Aceh beginning-the beginning is also worse than that if there are no serious attention from all sides. Catastrophic conditions can be used by the ignorant to raise the price of the raw material and fuel prices. They take advantage of the disaster conditions or entry into business opportunities. f). Political; Earthquake Tsunami incident in Aceh, on admit it or not has spawned a peace agreement between the warring parties Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Government of Indonesia. This incident also, and is motivated other disaster events in Indonesia has given birth to the Law no.24 of 2007 on disaster.

So there is a close correlation between disaster also with political life. g). spiritual; Acehnese people in the practice of values ​​- values ​​of Islam has proven resilience and patience in the face of disaster so that the impact of the disaster did not make the Acehnese people to despair and suicide. Japan as a country with frequent earthquakes and tsunami have much to learn from the moral values ​​of Islam in practice in Aceh so that the impact of the disaster in the form of suicide with a very high case does not happen again in the Japanese society.

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