The benefits of dragon fruit to the diet to lose weight

The benefits of dragon fruit is no longer a public secret. The fruits of this cactus-like plant known as pitaya or pitahaya. On the Chinese side, the fruit is called a huo guo long as it is similar to a dragon. And is a fruit that is considered to bring good luck to those who eat them, especially during the Lunar New Year.

Dragon fruit to lose weight

The nutritional content of dragon fruitThe benefits of dragon fruit to the diet as one way to lose weight naturally is the right choice. Diet is controlling the fat deposits on the body by way of emphasis on eating and drinking fibrous one with diligent eating dragon fruit.

The calorie content of 60 kcal per 100 grams coming from carbohydrates dragon fruit, which means easily parsed and does not make you fat. Dragon fruit is also rich in fiber so it is great for improving the digestive system. Your digestive system smoothly, the stomach also feels comfortable. So that the dragon fruit is an alternative choice for the diet naturally.

The benefits of dragon fruit with vitamin C is high enough merit in maintaining the skin’s smoothness, boost immunity and prevent acne. Complemented with vitamins B1, B2, and B3 which serves to restore the appetite, increase metabolism and lowering cholesterol levels. Dragon fruit also contains calcium and phosphorus which serves to strengthen bones, formation of cells, forming a network and makes teeth become more healthy.

It is concluded that the benefits of dragon fruit to the diet is very good for the health of your body is naturally without any side effects. So it is safe for the body in the short term and long term.

You can get the most out of dragon fruit to make it into juice and drink it regularly. But for those of you who are busy, you can eat them directly without having to process it into juice. Very practical is not it? Everything that you can see the benefits and any diet program smoothly.

Dragon fruit included in the list of your daily diet menu is the right choice. Soon realize that your body is getting ideal. Welcome to try the benefits of dragon fruit to the diet above! Do not forget to share and read also the benefits of eating dragon fruit for babies .

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