SuperSpot, the essential backup for your next iPhone 7

Your smartphone is your daily tool, you can not do without it but in a few days you have to be absent several days without having the certainty of not being able to use your terminal correctly lest the battery completely discharge.

Blog iPhone 7 has a solution and proposes to you to discover an accessory particularly interesting and which will, no doubt, become your ideal companion during outings over several days (hikes, fishing or others …). Not to mention those who use a large number of applications all very energy-consuming all day long

SuperSpot is a spare charger for less than 30 euros for smartphone and tablet, perfect when you do not have any electrical outlet nearby.
Discreet (Dimensions: 90.5 x 77 x 21.6mm) and lightweight (Weight: 299g) it slips easily into one of your pockets. Its enormous capacity of 10,400mAh will allow you to power all your terminals anywhere and anytime.

Simply connect your device to the SuperSpot via a 2.1A USB port and start recharging your device even when you’re strolling around. Its power makes it possible to recharge any device, even the most voluminous ones.

As for the device itself, it recharges via its USB cord that you can connect to a computer or a USB power adapter.
In 5 hours, the SuperSpot will be fully operational and you will have a hardly equivalent charging capacity for a wireless charger.

Only two small flats are to emphasize before the purchase of this product:
– lacks the power adapter to connect the charger to mains (only a USB cable is provided)
– its protection box far from being aesthetic (vulgar plastic box)

All in all this is a great product, especially since its price of 27.99 euros make it one of the cheapest chargers on the market.

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