The end of home button for iPhone 7

What if Apple decided to cross the threshold of a smartphone marketed without a physical home button? It is the rumor of the day relayed by many specialized sites that provides the arrival of an iPhone 7 equipped with a touch home button.

According to some sources close to the firm and relayed by the site of information Digitimes (expert in the matter), Apple would have decided to review its copy for its next terminal and to propose a touch home button to the detriment of the physical button The firm Cupertino) on the same principle as one of its competitors Google and its smartphones entirely tactile

And there is one that has caught our attention since it would be a real turnaround from Apple in its “philosophy”: the removal of the “Home” button. This famous button that Google chose not to integrate to its devices, preferring to affix three buttons tactile

This physical button made it possible to well dissociate the terminals of the two firms since Google has always proposed a smartphone with three kinds of physical buttons to carry out the reversal, access to the multi-task and the return to the page of a ” Home.

Apple will follow the lead of its competitor and propose a terminal that will come out of the ordinary when to its predecessors since once is not custom the firm will change the design of its terminal and proposed a new technology based on Force Touch And thus the fingerprint reader currently available on the iPhone 6.

It is obvious that this new feature on the screen is not part of the brand’s philosophy and is likely to squeak a few teeth with unconditional users, but this is a significant technological breakthrough for the transition from Blow that allows Apple iphone 7┬áto stay on top of the manufacturers of high-end terminals

As a reminder, when the presentation of the iPhone 6 Apple came out of its standard and had presented a much larger terminal than usual. Why could she not follow the same high-tech path?

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