How To Gain Weight Infant

The baby does have a different weight when born. However, in the world of health known standard weight for a baby per a certain age, so if the fruit’s heart weighed under the standard, there are certainly that needs to be addressed. In other words, needs you to find out how to add to the weight of your baby.

Normal baby weight when born is between 2.5 kg up to 4.5 kg. As you get older, the weight and height of babies experience growth. Age 4 months, the baby’s weight is generally two-fold from the moment of birth. If it turns out that the baby’s weight is less than this number, the baby lean, mean there is something that should be noted by the mother. Gizi Bayi

Several things can cause the baby’s weight less, among others, the less the share of nutrients entering, experiencing a growth period so that the intake of nutrients are diverted to energy, or experience pain. Any cause requires different handling.

Here’s a great way to add to the weight of the baby.

1. make sure your baby BREAST MILK Intake Quality

In infants under 6 months, the only way to increase the weight of babies is to improve the quality of BREAST MILK. Quality BREAST MILK can be obtained by adding nutrients to the mother, needs to consume good food for nursing mothers so that any good ASInya production, as well as prevent the mother from stress. Psychological distress can lead to a decrease in the quality and quantity of BREAST MILK produced.

2. give MPASI in your baby, on a regular basis

At the age of 6 months and over, a.k.a. the age where the baby is being aktif-aktifnya, the mother should indeed provide escort food other than breast milk. Give MPASI anytime pause between breast feeding, for example towards the middle of the day and evening. The mother may also add snacks-healthy snacks so that nutrients are the fruit of the heart would be sure.

3. Note That MPASI Composition

In order for adequate nutritional needs, the mother should pay attention to the accompanying food composition will be given to the baby. MPASI a healthy balanced composition between the carbs with toppings and vegetables (comparison of 50:50). This means that if the mother wants to make the rice team to the grassroots, take 4 tablespoons each of rice and 2 spoon for vegetables and side dishes. In order to be not lazy liver eating fruit, it’s good the mother diversify MPASI with creative forms.

So how to gain weight infant, may be useful.

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