Forest Fire Causes and How Abatement

In the past Indonesia is often referred to as the lungs of the world because it has vast forested area. Forests are considered to have a central role as a producer of oxygen for the human race. Unfortunately, the case of forest fires that hit Indonesia made forest areas in Indonesia narrowed. Country even experienced material losses reached 200 trillion rupiah. A number of very fantastic when compared to the losses in any case.

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  • Forest fires have been considered people in various regions as an annual event. These catastrophic fires often occur when a drought in various regions such as Sumatra and Borneo.
  • Unfortunately, the forest fires that hit parts of Indonesia, is an act of some individual who was intentional so be impacted by deforestation .
  • The forest fire was deliberately done in order to expand plantation areas, such as palm and rubber plantations. Another goal that the company managing the plantation management gain greater.
  • In 2015, the Division of Campaign for Environment (WALHI) notes that Indonesia has suffered a loss of forest area of ​​2.6 hectares. In addition, the number of victims who are exposed to smoke up to 40 million people and 500 thousand of them attacked Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI).
  • In addition to providing great losses in Indonesia, the impact of the haze also reached the neighboring countries such as Malysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
  • Various efforts have been dilkukan government to tackling the haze. Unfortunately, the response is in fact still considered insufficient by the public.

Disaster haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia recently a disaster caused intentional act of a few persons. However, sometimes forest fires may also be caused by natural factors, although there is no doubt that the catastrophic forest fires in Indonesia that has become an annual event caused by human factors that will impact due to damage to forests .

Here is the Forest Fire Causes and How Abatement:

1. Fire Caused by Nature

There are some natural events that could cause forest fires occur. Wildfires caused by natural factors usually do not cause widespread impact. And usually, forest fires caused by natural factors do not cause losses of forest fires caused by deliberate human. Here are some natural events that could lead to fires.

  • Long summer season. A prolonged drought could result in a rise in temperature in various areas, including forests. High temperatures can trigger fires.
  • Lightning strike. Lightning strikes can also potentially cause fires. Climate change caused by global warming could also cause frequent lightning strikes occurred.
  • Volcanic activity. This can happen in the volcanic mountain range. The forest area in the volcano can ignite when the volcanic activity occurred. Let’s say that when volcanoes erupt, lava from the volcano on forests in the volcano so that the forest was on fire.
  • Ground fire . Ground fire is a fire that occurred in the subsoil . Prolonged drought is the cause of the fire in this land. Typically, these fires occur in areas with peat so the peatland burning when the air temperature rose as drought occurs.

Although forest fires are caused by natural factors is likely to occur, unfortunately forest fires that hit Indonesia every year is a disaster caused by deliberate human.

2. Deliberate Fires Caused Man

Disaster haze caused by forest fires is an annual disaster that has occurred in Indonesia for a long time. Various efforts have been made by the government in fact has not been able to prevent the recurrence of similar disasters in the next year. So what factors can cause fires when the review of the human factor itself? Here is an explanation of the causes of forest fires due to human factors.

  • Uncontrolled burning of land will provide impacted by deforestation . Uncontrolled burning of land that extends to the spread of forest land is a cause of forest fires caused by deliberate human. The opening of plantations is usually the background to do the burning land. In a small scale, these fires can still be overcome. Unfortunately, if this fire merupakann act of large companies and a large scale, it would be very difficult to extinguish the fire in the fire. Fires like this would be very dangerous when it occurs in peat or swamp.
  • Conflict between the company and the land owners. Companies that want to take over the land from the land owners usually do the burning of the disputed land. Burning the land can result in land becoming degraded so that land value is reduced. In this way, companies can more easily seize the land from the people who own land.
  • Protests by local residents. Local residents who find their land seized too frequent burning of land as a form of protest for plantation companies to seize their land.
  • Economic factors of local communities. Local people who want to clear the land and have little costs usually do instant way to clear land. They burn the forest to open up new land. The way it was considered easier and cheaper although the impact is very harmful to the environment and health and will more easily become the cause of air pollution .
  • The lack of law enforcement. Although the rules regarding forest fires clearly forbidden, but because the law is given for noncompliance is still very weak, as a result many persons who violate the rules and burn massive forest to clear land. This is usually done by large companies.
  • Scars campfire or throw cigarette butts in the forest. This usually happens when a mountain climber or someone traveling in the forest. The bonfire was lit usually abandoned and thus potentially cause a fire.

Impact of Forest Fires

Forest fires have a negative impact both on the environment and on human health. Following impact caused by forest fires.

  • Floods to occur because the forest was on fire and resulted in deforestation and unable to keep a backup of water during the rainy season which will be the cause of the landslides as well.
  • Destruction of flora and fauna that live in the forest.
  • The spread of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. The smoke arising from large-scale forest fires evaporate into the upper atmosphere and potentially cause global warming.
  • Raw materials industries that use wood or other materials from the forest will be reduced in number because of the forest fire.
  • Smoke from forest fires can cause diseases such as ISPA and makes visibility is reduced due to haze.
  • Fires can also cause lack of water sources that could be disastrous drought that followed wildfires.

How to Tackle Forest Fire

Wildfires in coverage could have a negative impact on the environment and public health. To that end, it is important that we know how to preserve forests and to prevent and combat forest fires so that such disasters do not damage the environment. Some ways are ways you can do to prevent or combat forest fires, among others:

  • Noting forest areas with fires high enough to trigger a forest fire. These hotspots region must be considered when droughts occur.
  • Do not open or plantation land by burning forests.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts carelessly in the woods.
  • Not leaving a campfire in the woods. The bonfire should be put first if you want to leave the forest.
  • Conduct forest patrols periodically to check the condition of the forest.
  • To shoot the image periodically, especially in areas with high fire point.
  • Providing fire truck is ready for use.
  • In case of small-scale forest fires, then spraying directly into the fire area.
  • If a fire occurs on a large scale, then spraying water from the air using helicopters also create artificial rain.

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