How To Make Carnival Jual Kostum Badut Bandung For Kids?

How To Make Carnival Jual Kostum Badut Bandung For Kids?

February is approaching, the brochures are already taking out the accessories and costumes from the closet, as well as creating novelties to parade on the streets of the city. The children are not left out that way since there are many mornings and blocks dedicated to the young public. To enjoy and have fun, even more, how about creating a children’s carnival costume for your little one?

There are several options for specialty shops, but for those who want to save money and like to improvise, there are several interesting and affordable tips for less fond mothers and fathers. Without leaving aside, of course, the comfort for the children much to their infantile fantasy of carnival.

1 – Animal Costumes

For girls, a good request is like ladybug and bee costumes. Clothing can be a clothing you have had at home, such as a dress or short and T-shirt combination.

The antennas are easily found in stores that sell costumes and accessories. Already the highlight of the fantasy, which are like wings, you can produce at home using pieces of ordinary cloth, or even EVA, that rubbery material sold at the stationery stores. It is so cut in the wing shape like little balls do not do the ladybug and do like yellow and black stripes to a bee, that is ready.

A good tip for securing a wing is to make holes and to pass some tape or shoelace to tie in the arms or neck.

You can find all the material in any stationery store. On the internet, stores like Saraiva, Fnac, Extra, Submarino, and Walmart sell paper, scissors and other stationery items.

The boys will love going out for a revelry wearing tiger, lion or dog jual kostum badut bandung. For ideas also to wear a plain colored clothing that a child already has. In case the dog can be black, white, gray and in the tiger, cooler in the shades of brown.

Shop at accessories stores like eggs and even the rabbi of animals and the final touch on makeup. There are specific products to paint a facial skin, which prevent allergies. Then you just need to get a tutorial help to turn your little one into a beast.

2 – Pirate Fantasy

A classic carnival fantasy that everyone loves is a pirate. But how to make pirate child carnival fantasy?

The first step, with paper and glue, create a characteristic and quick hat to make at home. Then increase black, red, white or striped clothes in these colors, with everything that refers to the pirate universe.

You can create any drawing of skull paper, mustaches, and anchors for example. The finishing touch, with the eyelid, which can be made with fabrics like felt, cheap and easy to handle.

3 – Sailor Fantasy

Just like the pirates, sailor always without a carnival.

Besides being a fantasy that everybody likes, it is a practice to be mounted also in the children’s version. Just invest in the colors that remind sailors, with the traditional navy blue and white, and may also include red.

The cap can be made with paper or fabric at home or bought ready for very affordable prices. To make a fantasy more beautiful, it is worth putting the reds and blues in the girls’ pantyhose, tying striped neck scarves and also making a coordinated tie with the color of the clothes.

4 – Super Hero

Superheroes do not go out of style when the book is fancy for children’s carnival. Combining comfort and fun, you can fantasize like children with the favorite superhero on the stage.

Girls, for example, can wear red clothes and become Wonder Woman. The tiara can be made with gilded paper, firmer and a piece of blue cloth, preferably with starlets, easily turns a stylish cover.

Who likes Captain America can investigate blue clothing and make silver paper with a mask. Make your hero and also create a shell, which can be made with pizza shapes, trays and spray paint blue and red.

With masks and clothes to dance Batman and Catwoman also with a good result. With creativity, you can still use other cores, create shields, masks, and make your little superhero personalized.

5 – Little Pigs

A jual kostum badut bandung is always stamped. But using creativity and improvisation, you can create new versions for children and reinvent a bigger circus star. For this, it is worth investigating the colorful clothes, puddles, noses and wigs fun, as well as makeup and accessories that have made a different clothing and not carnival mood.

6 РPrinces & Princesses

There is a great offer of ready-made jual kostum badut bandung of the princes and princesses of children’s films, but making an improvised fantasy, as a service for a more original good and reign in the blocks. To create this new member of royalty, invest in the dresses and clothes that children already have, or buy directly to our website at or contact our sales representation at +62 822-2155-6633.

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