15 ERROR unconscious DOG OWNERS

If you are impatient with your dog, or maybe just want to read how you can be a good dog owner, then this article is right for you. Sometimes you just need a change of attitude to transform your dog into little angels.

1. Recognizing Obesity
Many dog owners do not realize that dog obesity (Obesity). Most dog owners want great fast dog that is fed by the amount that exceeds the portion and this causes the dog becoming overweight is NOT fast growing. There is also a dog owner who does not understand the standardization of the dog properly. For example it has Hound breed is supposed to have a slim waist but want a dog Hound have a body like a dog Labrador Retriever who was supposed to have a thicker body than a dog kind Hound. Veterinarian about a balanced weight for your dog. Regulations are fine for most types of dogs is that they must be pretty slim to have a waist that can be seen from the above, but not thin until their ribs visible.

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2. Bad Behavior Supports
You must define your expectations on the first day you meet with your new dog. Menomplok, chasing and biting are things that are cute when they are still a puppy, but not at all funny when they grow up. Not fair if you change the rules in the end. Do not let any bad behavior from your puppy that you are not going to want a dog weighing 40 kg.

3. Clean with Good
When your dog accidentally throw dirt in the house, it is vital to direct membersikannya. Even if you’ve picked up or clean up, usually they leave a trail that is not visible to the eye. The problem is, even though you can not see with the naked eye, your dog can smell it, and smell it teaches your dog to remove the water in that place back. Use cleaning enzyme (or a mixture of half vinegar and half-water if you do not mind the smell) to get rid of the odor.

4. Inconsistency
dogs understand “always” and “never”. “Sometimes” is a foreign concept to them. If you do not want your dog menomplok you when he was berlumpuran and you’re wearing a dress, do not let it menomplok you when he is clean and you use your old jeans. If you do not want your dog to sit on a chair when you are not with him, do not let him sit on a chair when you are alone with him. If you do not want your dog running around in the garden after a day you take care and menyianginya, do not let it run in the park even when you abandon the park for a week or two weeks or more. Always and never, not sometimes be and sometimes not allowed.

5. Too Much Snacks
Remember that any kind of snack you give your dog a part of their daily calorie intake. If you feed your dog with food manager gave weight and exercise every day, but you and your family is continuing to deliver a high-carbohydrate snack, then the weight will continue to grow. Give snacks to a minimum and try a healthy snack like a piece of apple or baby carrots.

6. Not Socializing
Once your dog is fully vaccinated, she should have the opportunity to meet as many people and as many dogs. The more you socialize your dog, the more he feels comfortable in a variety of situations. Good socialization will teach your dog that there is no reason to be ashamed, frightened or aggressive. Bring him to the vet to get to know the place, which he did not receive an injection or insistence. Bring him to the dog park. Take her to a restaurant that allows the presence of dogs. All this experience and expand their knowledge finalize the dog.

7. Not Enough Mental Stimulation
Dog tired getting into trouble and it’s not their fault. Give your dog time to occupy itself and you will be surprised how well they behave. Interactive toy is a toy that is fantastic because they support your dog to play alone. Try toys such as Buster cube issuing dog snacks as you play, encouraging your dog to use its expertise to resolve their problems. Toys that can be erratic bounce like a rubber ball is very good, because they attract the attention of your dog. I also met a dog who likes to play with an empty water bottle (make sure the lid removed). They make noise and when your dog menomploknya, bottle it will “snap”.

8. Expectations Unrealistic
Some dogs are very easy to train. I know that learning Labrador dog shake within 10 minutes and never forget it. However, every dog has a unique personality. You can not expect your dog to learn how to be a gentleman overnight, and angry when he did not get angry. Masukanlah your dog in a cage when you are not home at least a year, until he can learn the rules in the house. Bring it out each time until you are sure that he understands the rules of your house. Do not get frustrated when he does not know any tricks that are written in the book when he was two years old. Some dogs have the nature of “puppy” in them until the third year even their fourth year. Remember, he was only a dog, he did not understand everything, before you teach it continuously.

9. Not Enough Exercise
If you feel your dog has a “problem behavior” or “can not be trained” try to make fatigue. He may have excess energy that is not burned out. Bring him to walk long distances every day, bring him to the dog park, or let it pull you when you skate. Play with it every day and you will be surprised at the difference.

Too Much Time Alone 10.
This is in line with the “not enough exercise” and “not enough mental stimulation”. If your dog behave really need, maybe he spends too much time alone. Whether he was in the cage for 8 hours on weekdays you? Try to go home when lunchtime, ask for help from your friends to keep it, or use the services of a dog walker. Dogs should not be locked up for more than 6 hours.

11. Discipline Not Properly
Found puddle on the floor and look for your dog and discipline her is totally ineffective and unproductive. If you do not catch your dog, then forget to discipline him, because he did not understand what he had done so he deserved the discipline. Also, never hit your dog when you are angry. Veterinarians and professional trainers will give different answers depending quiet what is effective or even no problem for poking your dog on a canine with a newspaper or deliver blow lightly on the nose, it depends on your decision and philosophy of training you choose to you trust.

However, all the responsible animal lovers will agree that hitting your dog when you are angry at all ok. Unless you want to raise a dog that is afraid of you, do not hit, slap, or kick your dog, even when he dropped the trash can and pull the meat from the soup to a clean blanket your meatballs. Do not do it.

12. anthropomorphizing
Most dog owners love treat the dogs like babies (and the dog loved it), the dog is not a human, a dog is a dog. Anthropomorphizing is an act of man to assume the character of an animal. Some examples include “I can not sterilize my dog, he will hate me for taking kejantannya,” “I have to breed female dog me, she was sad because she wanted to be a mother,” “I can discipline him for the mistake he did three hours then, he knew what he was doing, look at it! “Well, like the first example, dogs have no idea the concept of sexual identity, so the opinion is no longer valid.

The second example -anjing females do not know what they missed when they were not bred. Thought the dog is not complicated. And the third example-when you think “look at it, he knew what he was doing” your dog reacts to your anger, not knowing what he was doing was wrong, your dog looks sad not because he realized his mistake but sad because you’re being rude to !.

13. chained dog
is not a problem to put your dog out for a run or to defecate and play outside, but there should not be a dog tied to a tree with a broad area of five feet throughout his life. Dogs that are in the chain in general will become more aggressive and fear. In some states even have laws against dogs binding. If you do not have time to provide exercise for your dog and attention, it’s time to find a new home for him with someone who can give it attention.

14. Provide Human Food When You Eat
This causes the dog ask! If you give your dog food from your plate, do not be surprised or angry when she would not let you eat alone. It might look funny when you throw popcorn at him when you chew on the couch, but unless you want to accompany you, at the dinner table, leaving human food that you want to give to your dog and give it to your dog after you finished chewing.

15. Give up!
A lot of people think ‘I can not train this dog, he may not be trained, I give up “even before the dog is one year old! You know know when they say “kids will always be kids?” Yes, the puppy will remain a puppy. Provide opportunities for them to grow, make sure you do not make mistakes above, and if that fails, follow your dog behavior training. There is a very, very, very small number of dogs can not be trained out there, and most of them are in that position because of the result of persecution for years, not stubbornness.

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