Child protective of Mosquito Bites

In the past, the only thing that worries Mama from mosquitoes is the effect on the skin, bumps and itching after being bitten. Now, moms increasingly trying to keep children from mosquito bites along with the proliferation of dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes, such as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and Zika virus.

According to dr. Margaretha Komalasari, Sp.A , of Brawijaya Women & Children’s Hospital, in a press conference “Protect My Baby Baby and mother of Mosquito” in Senayan, Jakarta, in early June, although not found cases of death due to Zika, it was the same virus scary as Dengue virus causes dengue. Zika virus can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her baby during pregnancy or around the time of birth. Infection of the fetus or the baby can cause microcephaly or small heads.

The second incubation period of the disease is 2-7 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.Symptoms experienced almost the same, ie red spots on the skin, headaches and joint pain, and fever.However, patients with DHF usually also characterized by a decrease in platelets, nosebleeds, nausea and vomiting due to bleeding in the stomach. While in patients with Zika virus, appear reddish eyes.

Because there is no cure or vaccine that can cure dengue and Zika virus, the treatment can be done is only to be supportive, ie rest, reproduce drink to prevent dehydration, take medication to reduce fever, and eat nutritious food. In addition, it is also necessary prevention of mosquito bites, such as wearing clothes covered, installing netting on the bed, or applying essential oils to ward off mosquitoes.

In Indonesia, the essential oil has long been a mainstay of the mother to protect the child’s skin from insect bites, among them the wood oil
white and telon oil (a mixture of three types of mixtures of oil, oil of eucalyptus, fennel oil, and coconut oil). For infants whose skin is still very sensitive, oil Telon turns preferred because it gives a warm effect subtle and fragrant aromas typical of the baby’s body.

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