It Can And Not For Dogs

1. Dogs should be given salt in their diet, as long as not too much. About Dog the dog’s body also needs salt like us to keep the fluids in the body. All dog food products sold in the market contain salt about 1% -3%. Give more salt in lactating dogs, so he always felt thirsty so will drink more. This will increase her milk.

Hasil gambar untuk Cara merawat anjing

2. Dogs should not be fed onion because it would ruin her metabolism.

3. The dog should be fed garlic regularly. Garlic is very useful to prevent worms and fleas. Food was given garlic will emit a pleasant aroma that increases the appetite of dogs.

4. Dogs should not be fed chocolate, in addition to damaging the body’s metabolism also damage teeth.

5. Dogs must be fed raw meat. Raw meat does not make the dog becomes fierce, it is a myth. Raw meat make dogs be fresher because raw meat is more easily absorbed by the digestive dogs.

6. Dogs should not be fed raw or undercooked liver. Raw liver are more at risk to contain the worm. Liver should be cooked properly before it is given to the dogs.

7. Dogs should be fed chicken neck bones due to calcium content is high enough. Chicken neck bones are not as sharp as chicken thigh bone. Neck bones should be given as raw as if it is cooked makes the bones become harder.

8. Pregnant Dogs should not be fed worm medicine because it will cause a miscarriage. Worm medicine given before the dog mated and 2 minngu after childbirth.

9. Pregnant Dogs should be bathed, provided with special treatment. Dogs who become pregnant should be maintained clean, especially in the area around the nipples and vagina.

10. Dogs should not be bathed three days before and one week after vaccination. New dog vaccination should be maintained health, because after being vaccinated dogs will be weak body within a few days.

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