Outbound Pujon Malang

Outbound Pujon Malang

Pujon ie One in Malang district, at an altitude of 1. 100 mtr. above sea level and surrounded by mountains, including Mount Blue, Mount Argowayang, Monte Gentong Growah, Dworowati Mountains, Kukusan, Mt. Parangklakah, Gunung Kawi, Mount Cemoro Cage and Monte Anjasmoro.
Pujon has abundant natural resources, such as livestock and agriculture. This Pujon see some of the people perncaharian as farmers and ranchers. This area is also known as a producer of dairy cows with good quality.


Pujon natural resources also have a variety of natural attractions, which have been known among them is Coban Rondo. With the exception of Coban Rondo, began some some new tourist attractions like Coban Manten, Central Coban, Sumber Pitu, Tretes and Coban supit Urang visible.

Sanagta intent to nature right outside the room as outbound activity Malang. Many of the events in the drain in Coban Rondo and so on. charm so cold weather and mountain nan indulgent eye Pujon nature intended as an alternative to travel.

Outbound Pujon Malang came from a trip to a natural alternative or cold and amazing scene. To connect Pujon itself is so simple, because the most important lines of Malang and Jombang.

Outbound Malang Youtube


In this millennium, the sophistication of the technology to be an alternative to working on human activity. A variety of cutting-edge technologies that increasingly make work the most practical and effective. Youtube is a product foundry technology among audio and video, to the netizens can see and hear the video there.
Various activities have been documented in youtube, Lupu also done. Outbound Malang Malang youtube interesting activity documentation required output. Materials that, when starting the game in Outbound Malang and Batu outbound as well as some interesting places to Outbound in Malang
Info about the idea and the price is also there.


Everything is pretty much in the form of video available, to the netizens not just at the site, but can also “see Outbound Malang joy speedily along our Adventure Alam Bakti.

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