EO Outbound Malang

EO Outbound Malang

Excitement morning we all meet again together in outbound malang well, this time, I’ll tell you about the agenda that will be done a EO Outbound Malang located right in the tourist city of stone.

In the event organizer at the end of this year, a lot of events plaining or the schedule. Among another first day, the participants will stay at the picturesque stone and filled with ESQ activities that can increase performance at work.

And on the second day, the participants will take part in the events on the mountain top observation Panderman and in one after another with the mountain biking route that is long enough between the 10km strip of a stone tourist town.

And in recent days, the participants will go directly to basecamp outbound and rafting that will test the cohesiveness of joint team to keep the spirit in carrying out work that often makes you tired and bored.

Facilytator Outbound Malang

At the time of EO yesterday that we held at the time on our Batu tourist town of outbound facilitator unfortunate for the sake of facilitating the activities for the smooth event that we make over a period of three days and three nights.

outbound malang

We have prepared a few months ago that this event runs smoothly from the team, trainer, transportation and also leasing the land on which we will use during the event.

Outbound Malang

In the tourist town stones themselves a lot of tourist rides you can visit one of them is the largest wildlife museum seIndonesia there you will see different kinds of dead animals are preserved. There is also a park east of Java is that there is variety of games that you enjoy unisex pool and various educational vehicle for your baby.

And most existing special we are ready to test outbound malang dexterity to make a more professional morale and motivate your life in order to optimize the life around.


How do you ready to join us in the outbound malang next event?

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