Outbound Malang Pujon

Outbound Malang Pujon

Pujon, a district which is included in the district of outbound Malang . Pujon is famous for producing dairy cattle. Almost all the residents Pujon work as dairy farmers. In addition they also work as farmers.

Pujon region is + 29 Km. westbound Capital District Malang surrounded by hills and mountains, among others: Mount Blue, Mount Argowayang, Mount Gentong Growah, Dworowati Mountains, Mount Kukusan, Mount Parangklakah, Gunung Kawi, Mount Cemoro Cage and Mount Anjasmoro.

Territory Size Pujon 13075.144 Ha / 130.76 Km. and have a height of 1,100 above sea level. Since it is surrounded by mountains, the air in Pujon relatively cool and cold. Eve like this is very profitable for farmers in Pujon mostly plant vegetables.

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As well as the agriculture and dairy farming. Pujon also famous for its natural attractions charming. Nature dipujon some very interesting natural attractions are a row of beautiful waterfalls. Some of them like Coban Rondo, Central Coban, Coban Manten, Sumber Pitu, and which recently launched is Coban Supit Urang.

From a row of waterfalls nature of the well-managed is Nature Coban Rondo. A nature which not only presents the beauty of waterfalls, but also comes with rides, and camping are still natural.

In addition to coban rondo waterfall tour is also famous as the location of outbound Pujon unfortunate. Area make an extensive tour coban rondo is suitable for outbound event. With adequate facilities such as flying fox, climbing wall, spider web, two-line bridge, and much more.

Location outbound like this is really you are looking for. Because these are certainly rarely found in larger city besar.Di City we can only congestion, flooding and polusi.Maka of it once in a while we need a holiday as Pujon Outbound Malang. What are you waiting for ! you want to try soon join us Outbound Pujon together Malang No Limit Adventure.

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