To choose a mascot of the Barcelona Games, the organizers held a competition with six designers: Fernando Amat, Angel Beaumont, Francesc Capdevila, Javier Mariscal, Francesc Petit and Pere Torrent “Peret”. Olympic has examined the different proposals for the mascot.

On January 29, 1988 a mascot was created by Javier Mariscal, which consisted of an image of a human with a Catalan shepherd dog with open arms, drawn in a way that appears to be a flat person, Nothing Remembering the “Disney” style of its predecessors. Mariscal was inspired by the interpretation of Picasso’s work “The Girls” by Velásquez to create the mascot.

To make a mascot more acceptable to the public, the character traces were softened. Once the mascot was finished, it was time to baptize it. The name chosen for Cobi, reminiscent of the name of the Organizing Committee of the Games (COOB), easy to be remembered and pronounced in the most diverse languages.

The shape of the mask was gradually modified to a definitive definition for the public as the 1992 Games. Cobi was a successful salesman with various products being sold on a wide scale. The baju maskot, even, had a series of cartoon, which in Brazil was called ‘Cobi and his gang’ and spent on TV Cultura. Cobi ended up being, along with Misha, one of the most popular mascots in the history of the Olympic Games.

Below is an opening of his animated series:


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