Juventus vs Bayern Munich Kostum Badut Maskot Duel!

Juventus vs Bayern Munich Kostum Badut Maskot Duel!

The mascots of Juventus and Bayern Munich gave a fair-play lesson. J, the zebra who represents Juventus, went to the Turin airport to receive Berni’s bear Berni, and he still took a plaque with his opponent’s name in the Champions League knockout rounds.

The game between Juventus and Bayern Munich tonight is considered an anticipated final of the Champions League, but is also being an example of promoting fair play.

The mascots of the two clubs, the German bear “Berni” and the Italian zebra “J”, have joined in videos that have been circulating in social networks to promote today’s meeting, to count for the first leg of the last 16 of the league Millionaire.

This Monday, a first video of the arrival of Berni to Turin and the zealous reception of zebra J was announced. Today, on the day of the challenge itself, it is possible to see the two mascots walking around the city and joining Children in a park for a football game.

A joint and humorous communication of the two European colossi, anticipating a great football game tonight, starting at 7.45.

Eighth finals of the Champions League, European giants facing each other … Synonym of rivalry to the flower of the skin? Not for the mascots of Juventus and Bayern Munich. In a marketing action preaching harmony between the opponents of this Tuesday’s duel in Turin, hJ – the zebra that animates Juve fans – went to the airport to receive Berni, a bear that has been winning fans at Bayern. With the right to a plaque with the name of the Bavarian kostum badut maskot, the two posed for photos.

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