Clash of Clans: Offensive and defensive strategy with X-Bow and Inferno Tower

clash of clans

We return again with the series on the defensive structures of Clash of Clans and the different defensive and offensive strategies against these structures. The last day we were talking about the air defenses and the hidden teslas so today we will get in full with the X-Bow and Inferno Tower, the two most expensive defenses of the game.

Although everything can be discussed, the general opinion is that both X-Bow and Inferno Tower are the two most powerful defenses of Clash of Clans, what is not discussed, the most expensive to maintain, so next We will explain their functions about clash of clans hack tool and how to carry out offensive and defensive strategies around them.


The X-Bow is a tower, available from level 9 of the city council, which spits fire to an enemy air or land at the same time. Its two differential characteristics are that it can expand its range of attack at the cost of not being able to attack air units and that need to recharge with elixir to be able to work.

  • Defense: By having the highest attack range of all defenses, the best thing to do is to place it in the center of the village, near the town hall or the warehouses, so that it lasts as long as possible.
  • Attack: Being honest, X-Bow has no weak points as it is lethal for both basic units attacking in groups as well as for strong units like P.E.K.K.As and dragons. To know what to tackle, the most important thing is to look at the drawing of these defenses. Looking at the drawing you can know if the crossbow is loaded or not (if it is empty it will not attack) and if it is prepared to attack air units (if in the drawing the crossbow is oriented upwards it can attack all the units).

Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower is for a start, a luxury within reach of the most powerful. It costs a lot of money and time to create and improve it and then you have to use dark elixir to recharge it. This tower spits fire at one target or several at a time, causing a high and progressively larger damage on the units it attacks.

  • Defense: The Inferno Tower is the ideal defense against Golems, P.E.K.K.As and dragons as these units have more hit points, the tower focuses on them and quickly destroys them with their progressive damage. That same ability becomes your weak point against basic units like barbarians or archers, as their progressive damage is restarted when you change targets, so it’s best to place it near a tower of wizards to take care of large groups of Barbarians and archers.
  • Attack: As we have said in defensive strategy, the fact that the Inferno Tower has to be reheated to do more damage when it changes enemy, makes it especially weak before barbarians and goblins. Avoid the typical strategies of throwing giants or golems first to distract as an infernal tower kills them easily. Another good strategy is to weaken (or even destroy) the infernal tower with all the lightning spells that we can use. Finally, do not forget to look at the towers before attacking, as with the X-Bow, if the Inferno Tower is empty it will be useless.

With these tips, there is only one more chapter to complete all the defensive constructions of the village. The next day we will talk about the walls and the traps and, as always, if you have questions do not hesitate to share them with us.

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