Facebook Lite is updated will it end up being as heavy as normal?

facebook lite

Well, let’s face it, Facebook is one of the worst applications you can install in your terminal. Yes, we have absolutely nothing against the social network, but the application for Android is ridiculously poorly optimized, and forces you to have a terminal with a good amount of RAM and a powerful processor to use it without problems.

To “solve” the problems and annoyances caused by the beast of Facebook, an app of more than 400 megs, the Zuckerberg team designed the Lite version, which was just updated to become heavier, of course.

This is the new feature of Facebook Lite

If we do not like Facebook, imagine Facebook Lite. It was an attempt to make a application lighter and functional, but the truth is that it has an extremely rudimentary design and gives a bad user experience. As we read in XatakaAndroid, was just updated adding the reactions that we were already in the normal application.

This is a small step that will make the application a tad heavier, yes, they are only reactions, but so it begins. We remind you that Facebook has increased about 10 times the space occupied in the last 5 years, so do not be surprised if the Lite version ends up weighing half a gig in a few years.

As we told you, now you can give me love, anger, sadness, etc, to the publications of your friends. It may be something you appreciate and we hope it is so. We, for the moment, continue to access Facebook from the browser to get rid of scares.

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