Pixel leader leaves Google and returns to Amazon


The latest Google phones have raised a lot of controversy, whether for its design, price or features. Google Pixel has not gone unnoticed by anyone and, fortunately, the majority of users have enjoyed the experience that these smartphones provide. That is something we should thank, in part, for David Foster, the division manager who made Google’s terminals work.

Unfortunately, the news coming to us through PhoneArena is not good for the company of the big G. According to the last statements of a representative of Google, it is confirmed that David Foster has left the firm. However, perhaps most surprising is the fact that Foster has decided to return to his previous post on Amazon.

Will it affect David Foster’s going to the Google Pixel 2?

Apparently, David Foster was in charge on Amazon of some products we all know, such as the Echo speaker or some of the Kindle tablets. Google seemed to like Foster’s work, since back in October, the American signed for him. Now, six months after starting his work on Google, David Foster seems to have grown tired.

At Google, Foster worked as vice president of the hardware section, and was directly responsible for the division in charge of the well-known Pixel. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the terminals of Google seems not to have convinced him the way to do things in Mountain View, since it has decided to return to Amazon.

Analysts see this change of staff as a major problem for Google and the future presentation of the Google Pixel 2, of which we already know some details. In spite of everything, Foster has not made any comment regarding his abandonment, reason why we have not been able to know the motivation of his – apparently – sudden actions.

Do you think Google Pixel 2 are in trouble?

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