1. Flow Neo-Classical souvenir ulang tahun
The outbreak of an French revolution throughout 1789, may be the end point of a power of feudalism inside France, whose influence am also to help different parts of an world. this revolution can be not single your own change of your political as well as social order, but likewise About the life involving art. your own artists are generally free to help indulge in your current heart regarding each call, in which they function not by the order, but simply want to help paint it.

and so began your current history of modern painting within history characterized through individualization as well as self-isolation. Jacques Louis David was your current scene of a primary modern painter. throughout 1784, David paints “SUMPAH HORATII”. this painting depicts Horatius, your own father which feel standing at the middle of a room are an oath three sons usually are clustered towards left, though daughter crying towards the right.

This painting is usually not considered with regard to pleasure, but to help educate, generate awareness associated with community members with it is responsibilities towards the State. J.L. David can be a pioneer associated with Neo-Classical, Neo-Classical painting which is rational, objective, full connected with discipline along with irregular and are generally classic.

Characteristics Painting Neo-Classical:
a.Lukisan tied towards the norms of academic intellectuals.
b.Bentuk always balanced along with harmonious.
c.Batasan-color limit can be clean along with static.
d.Raut face serene and also memorable grand.
e.Berisi story of any palace.
f.Cenderung exaggerated.

Figures successor J.L. David in the Neo-Classical will be Auguast JEAN DOMINIQUE INGRES (1780-1867)

2. Flow Romantik

Romantik flow of your uprising against ones flow involving Neo-Classical, where Jean Jacques Rousseau invited back to be able to nature, to be a man who not singular have ones mind but in addition have feelings as well as emotions.

Romanesque paintings tend to show:
It dealing with one’s feelings (highly contested in the flow of an Neo-Classical)
Exotic, longing with the past
Used to the feeling of a audience
Beauty as well as good looks are generally always portrayed

Romance flow functions Just as follows:
a.Lukisan includes a great powerful and also emotional story.
b.Penuh motion and dynamic.
c.Warna is contrast and also festive.
d.Pengaturan dynamic composition.
e.Mengandung bitterness and also touching.
f.Kedahsyatan exceed reality.

Tokhnya characters include:
a.Eugene Delacroix
b.Theodore Gericault
c.Jean Baptiste
d.Jean Francois Millet

People exactly who really planted ones initial rebel along with banner regarding romanticism is usually Teodoro Gericault (1791-1824) inside his run entitled “RAFT MENDUSA”. Romanticism comes via French “Roman” (story), thus that the flow is always portray the story of brilliant deeds or terrible tragedy.

3. Flow Realism

Realism is really a flow view your current world without illusions, they USE appreciation for you to determine the world. one of the heroes Realism called “Courbet” from France said:

“TUNJUKANLAH ANGELS to be able to ME, and then I’LL painting, meaning It he feel not going for you to paint something The item \’m not available in order to him (something This can be not real / real). Realism possesses always describe what happened in order to indiscriminately along with with no almost any idealization, distortion or maybe other processing-processing. Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) considers which the painting am essentially concrete art. Courbet’s paintings always show the bitter realities regarding life including “painting breaking stones” etc.

Figure: Jean Francois Millet along with Honore Daumier.

4. Flow Naturalism

Naturalism flow would be the flow It loves and adores nature in just about all its contents. Adherents involving the actual school attempted to help describe ones state involving nature, especially of your interesting aspects, so how the painting Naturalism is always ones theme associated with natural beauty and also its contents. Monet \’m single connected with figure painters Naturalism, but sometimes approaching Realism paintings. though your naturalistic paintings associated with Monet approaching realism, but very other from the paintings associated with Gustave Courbert being a figure associated with realism.

Courbert socialistic realism will be The item morality will be quite high, whereas Monet realism tends to portray ones beautiful-beautiful as well as amoral, since Monet concept will be “art with regard to arts sake, not regarding anything. your painters Naturalism is frequently dubbed to be a landscape painter. Naturalism people by England was Thomas Gainsbrough (1727-1788).

Characters, among others, John Constable, William Hogart, Frans Hall.

5. Flow Impressionists

When you hear your term Impressionism, ones associations they tend to be fixed towards impressive paintings, the paintings are generally rather vague along with not detailed. Claud Monet impressionism not figure, but the flow involving impressionism much inspired from the discoveries regarding Claud Monet within each painting. a great figure connected with French impressionism named Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919).

This painter was very fond regarding painting women, both clothed as well as nude. Impressionist paintings strongly influenced with the weather conditions, because painting is usually done outside your current studio. Impressionist paintings usually do not have clear contours and aesthetic singular color effects This make up a Personal form.

Characters: Eduard Manet, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Degas in addition to Mary Cassat Edward.

6. Flow Expressionism

In your 1990s, artists began not satisfied through the operate It singular accentuate ones forms regarding objects. They began to dig straight into things related to your mind, thus comes expressionism. Vincent Van Gogh (1850) is usually a figure it is a milestone for the emergence involving expressionism and also other heroes It follow tend to be Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Emil Nolde and within Indonesia, Affandi. Expressionism would be the flow It depicts ones actuality It may be distorted on the atmosphere connected with sorrow, violence or distress.

Forerunner can be Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Emile Nolde, W. Kandinsky, in addition to Edvard Munch.

7. Flow Fauvism

Fauvism brand is usually derived from the French study “Les Fauves”, of which means wild animals. Fauvism flow therefore cherish freedom regarding expression, thus several objects paintings designed inside contrast for the original Just like colored trees 0ranye / orange or perhaps other. Paintings fauvis this season free themselves with the constraints of an sooner flow.

Fauvism painters tend to be able to paint what they including without having thinking In regards to the content and meaning of any painting made. Maurice de Vlaminck, Fauvism is usually a figure This really is much inspired through Vincent Van Gogh color scratch, towards the extent The idea he said; Van Gogh loved me greater than THE father.

Among various other characters Henr y Matisse, Andre
Derain, Maurice de Vlaminc.

8. Flow Cubism

Cubism flow motivated because of the title associated with Paul Cezanne of which mengatakanbahwa form your current basis of the form can be cylindrical, spherical, beams in addition to all of the forms It exist throughout influenced through the perspective, thus your field will be specific on a single central point. Picasso became insfirasi emergence associated with is effective involving Cubism, Just as geometric patterns taken from Picasso.

Cubism painting emphasizes germetris forms. Cubism very famous figure am Picasso and also Paul Cezanne, but in addition to these kind of 3 personas are generally still numerous others exactly who embraced the Cubist people like Juan Gris etc.

9. Flow Abstractionism

Abstraksionime flow will be the flow It try to be able to escape through the sensations or figurative asosiasis a good object. Abstraksionis flow in order to differentiate directly into two viz.
Abstract kubistis

That will be abstract for the form connected with pure geometric cube similar to circles in addition to triangles
Aliraran figure comes through Russia, namely Malivich [1913]
Abstract Nonfiguratif

That is abstract in the sense of art must always be pure As ugkapan feeling, through which lines represent your own lines, your current colors represent your current colors therefore on. Natural shape abandoned altogether. your own characters tend to be Wassily Kadinsky, Naum Goba.

10. Flow Futurist

Futurist flow appeared in Italy in 1909, to be a reaction towards the flow of Cubism is obtained a good dynamic full motion, since This really is the theme tends to be able to portray your own bustle-bustle like, feast procession, war etc.

This flow figures include:
Carlo Carra
Buido Severini
Umbirto Boccioni
F.T Marineti

11. Flow opus dadaisme

Flow opus dadaisme an insurgent title of an identify of your previous flow. the particular flow mepunyai attitude regarding independence from the laws This continues to be enacted art. your flow characteristic cynical, nil and also trying meleyapkan illusion. your own background connected with the actual stream with the first world war The idea would not stop.

Unflagging war which gave your current impression ones loss of an sociable value of an visual signal of the earth, consequently The item there\’s no image opus dadaisme see ones artwork. Dadisme figure is actually Paul Klee, Scwitters Tritan Tzara, Janco Maron etc.

12. the flow associated with Surrealism.
Surreal flow much influenced through the theory of psychological analysis. Sigmund Freud Concerning the unconscious throughout anatomisme and also dreams. Surrealism often appear illogical and full of fantasy, Equally if painted inside the dream

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