Why Indonesia Frequent Earthquake Affected

The Indonesian archipelago lies at the confluence of three major plates world that Australian Plate, the Eurasian and Pacific http://www.whatcausesearthquakes.com .Eurasian and Australian plates collide off the west coast of Sumatra Island, off the southern coast of the island of Java, Nusa Tenggara islands off the South coast, and turns to the north to the south Maluku waters. Between Australia and the Pacific plate collision around the island of Papua. While the meeting between the three plates that happens around Sulawesi.
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With conditions like this the tectonic fabric of this country has always been and always hit by a tectonic earthquake. With such a tectonic structure Indonesia also own a magmatis arc that is along the lines subdaksi. Maybe we wonder why we feel the current natural benaca, natural disasters tectonic been going on since long before we or the country is formed, but we know clearly new ferocity of natural disasters lately.

Yet if we examine in more volcanoes in Indonesia has the potential becana which is also terrible as tectonic earthquakes. Examples of the mountain of Krakatoa which now appears with mountain krakatau child.

Sometime we feel the destruction of a mountain so that we can see or prove. Disaster tectonic and volcanic eruption can not be separated in this country because of two things are closely related to the geographical Indonesia. Continue like where do we anticipate these two natural disasters.

First we must know that this country is a disaster-prone areas and volcanic eruptions that we are aware we have to be careful and vigilant, Construction of buildings that should be standard disaster should already be mandatory, making the allocation of refugee or line of displacement, making maps of areas prone disaster. We can not cope with all the natural disasters, but we can anticipate that many casualties in a disaster when it comes,

the earthquakes that frequently hit then this is where the role of a giologist and scientists to work harder in the approach to the general public that there is still a lot of things things that can make us sad calamity. Indonesia is less so appreciate the geologists and scientists, if this is a natural disaster when a new country would believe kata2 geologists and scientists. Indonesia might need a geologist for mining and oil drained, but to issue less responsive to natural disasters.

Continue with this disaster all did make this country a poor country or even destroyed ?, I think on the contrary this country will become a country rich in natural resources and geographical uniqueness of this makes the country should become a country that clever.

Tectonic earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions are natural things in this country and we should feel familiar with it. Let’s learn together with it all, so that in case of earthquake or mountain melutus we can be better prepared and feel friendly with all these disasters.

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