Prepare Your Nails for Acrylic Nails Design

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Acrylic nail designsget really into the style in the recent years, thanks to the high end lifestyle and the flaunting nails we see being introduced by the Kardashians and Jenners. Not to forget the social media influencer like Pinterest and Instagram that makes the nail art comes into style once again. It is indeed true that the nail polish has been here for longer time in the beauty and care history, but acrylic nails should also get the shout out for the revolutionary breaking ideas.
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Talking about the acrylic designs or art, shall we say we should know first why many people like it. The acrylic painting on the nail would help you to shape the nail, make an additional nail attached and let you paint on the acrylic instead of directly to your nail. The good thing about using acrylic nail is also decorate in broader range of design. Yet when using the acrylic nails you should also be very careful about the material you use, the composition, and the durability of the acrylic nail. The dangerous ingredient of monomer is MMA (Methyl Mathacrylate) which is a dental acrylic and too hard for the nail to bear. It will cause a problem for your nail health. When buying the nail kit, you should look for the monomer that has EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate). The well known brand of nail kit would be your first choice to make sure the ingredient they use is suitable for your nail. The acrylic nail art would not look pretty if in the end your nail gets broken.

Continue with the maintenance which is cleaning your nail every time you remove the acrylic and always pay attention to the skin around the cuticles while also beware of any allergy because of the acrylic nail designs. Taking care of your nail can be done by taking off the acrylic nail after a month of using and giving some break to your nails without using any polish but a moisturizer.

Give a week break for example and moisturize it with olive oil and lotions to maintain the skin and cuticle. Have the nail lady to the favor if you do not sure that you can properly remove the acrylic nail by yourself at home, because removing the acrylic nails are not as easy as removing nail polish. You need some tools to do that and the effect of failing the process can cause the ugly natural nails

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