Secret Benefits of Turmeric For Dental Health

In Indonesia, turmeric is often used as a cooking spice or, for fans of herbs, turmeric extract-containing beverages are believed to relieve stiff. Benefits of Turmeric is plentiful.

However, as reported by the Well and Good , turmeric was found to whiten teeth in a natural way.

Logically, this may be hard to accept, given the sometimes turmeric dyes often difficult to remove if it is attached to the shirt. The dye in turmeric is also often used as a color additive in foods such as curry or nail color in the new bride.

Secret Benefits of Turmeric For Dental Health

However, it turns out this dye will not stick to the teeth, on the contrary make white.

A beauty blogger, Farah Dhukai, uploading videos how to brush teeth using turmeric and coconut oil and make pearly white teeth naturally.

The result is even whiter than using whitening toothpaste are sold freely.

Apparently, teachers holistic Ayurvedic medicine era already know these benefits.

“In Ayurveda, coconut oil aspects of concern because it has the ability to attract oil. However, once the oil is infused with herbs, not only oil but the benefits of each herb will help improve dental health, “said Trudy Collings, an Ayurvedic medicine and healing Paavani company founder.

Specifically, turmeric can reduce the inflammation of the gums and have the ability to fight bacteria.

“Turmeric helps teeth whiter and coconut oil reduce plaque, fight bacteria that cause gum disease and other holes,” added Collings.

The benefits of teeth whitening is also supported by modern medical perpetrators explanation.

“Levels of fats in coconut oil pulling teeth at the same bacteria attach. That’s why the missing tooth stains. While the abrasive qualities of turmeric help to further cleaning and polishing teeth. In addition to turmeric, I recommend also use baking soda powder to the same result, “said Victoria Veytsman, DDS, a cosmetic doctor teeth.

The best thing of using palm oil and turmeric both materials are easily accessible as there are in the kitchen and do not have side effects like other teeth whitening.

“Sometimes whiten teeth can cause the teeth vulnerable, sick and depletion of the gums because of the chemicals present in the bleach,” added Collings.

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