earthquake-resistant houses: What are the requirements?

Chile is considered a country with high seismic activity, therefore, all homes should be trained to resist any earthquake. But we know that in practice it is not so and that many households suffer disasters, while others have no scratch. Earthquake disaster kit this happens because there are buildings earthquake resistant , built with established standards. The following article will detail what are the parameters that have to meet earthquake – resistant or earthquake – resistant houses.


Features a antisímica or house sismorresistente :

1) The shape of the housing must be as symmetrical as possible, both on the ground floor and elevation. If the building does not have a proportional symmetry, it increases the likelihood that a twist to an earthquake occurring on the floor.

2) The walls have to be symmetrical, ie must have the same number of walls in both directions.

3) The length of the house can not be three times greater than its width

4) holes found on windows and doors must be fair to the limit positions of the beams and in the same place on every floor. In addition, they can not exceed more than half of the wall.

5) It is essential that the slabs are well proportioned and have the same shape on every floor of the house.

6) The quality of materials is crucial in building housing. Better quality of materials improves the absorption capacity of the energy produced by the earthquake. It is important reinforced concrete and steel so that the building can swing properly swinging from side to side without collapsing.

7) The more rigid structures like walls and walls are in the first level, there is a greater likelihood of strength and rigidity home.

8) The foundations play a key role in building the housing. Different soils have a depth, shape and size than normal, so it is important to conduct a study of the surface to know the exact location determination to build the base of the building. A proper study and perfect construction reduces deformation and the work effort that will suffer during the temblor.

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