Facts and Myths of Water Ice

In Eastern medical science, it is commonly accepted that drinking cold water or ice can slow digestion, which may be hazardous to health. Generally, this view see digestion as a process of ‘hot’ and encourage the consumption of warm and cooked food and drinks warm or hot to strengthen the digestive process. It is considered very helpful for people who have a weak digestion.

According to this school of thought, drink cold water, or even eat or drink anything lower than at room temperature, will cause disruption and inconvenience to the people who drink it. But is it all. Here are the facts and myths about the adverse effects or negative effects drinking cold water or ice and explanation.


1. Cold Water Drinking Causes Stomach Buncit

Cold or ice water you drink is not necessarily just be accepted and absorbed by our body. As for food, he will experience the process of warming the body. Because water does not like food that requires us to chew. Where the oral cavity will help the process of heating food as we chew.

Drinking water heating process is fully carried out by other digestive tract, especially the stomach contained in the abdominal cavity. In addition, the abdominal fat pads we also contribute significantly to this warming process. So if you often drink cold water or ice, then our body will compensate by reinforcing abdominal fat pads we have to make the process run optimally warming.

1. Cold Water Drinking Causes Stomach Bloating


In principle, people would be healthier if everything eaten or drunk close to body temperature. Thus, your entire digestive system is not too much trouble to adjust the temperature of the food intake. In addition, at cold temperatures, the nerves around the mouth, throat, upper abdomen to be aroused suddenly. The mucous membranes in the vicinity were also aroused (constrict), though very slightly. Enzymes and gastric fluids will react quickly to the cold temperatures.

You can feel when the weather was very hot, our body will feel hot and sweaty. If you drink water with ice cubes, the stomach will feel cramps or spasms. Drinking ice would change the rhythm or the proceedings of the tools in the body, especially the abdomen. Indirect result of these reactions is the emergence of a little gas in the abdomen that can make flatulence.


1. Cold Water Drinking Causes Fat Hard digested

Enjoy a glass of cold water or ice with or after a meal is very common in many societies. But lately, a lot of rumors that call, not a nice cold drink while eating. Hardened fat, he said. This rumor has been circulating in the community for a long time.

In which it declared the results of research that mentions that drinking water will solidify the ice after eating dietary fat so that the fat can be digested only partially, and cause them to react with stomach acid, so be bad for the digestive tract. It was also mentioned that the fat layer will eventually lead to cancer, or may be contributing to the affected heart attack .


This, it turns out, is just a myth. At the time of food and drinks into the digestive tract, they have been warmed by the body. So no matter your drink cold or warm water. Upon entering your body all the food and drinks has undergone a process of heating the body so that the temperature in accordance with our bodies. In addition, there is no research that says fat relationship with cancer in this way, although consuming too much fat for long periods of time can increase the likelihood of heart attack by raising cholesterol levels.

2. Cold Water Drinking Causes Stomach Acid Dilution

Other rumors surrounding the drinking water after a meal mention that the water can dilute stomach acid, thus slowing digestion. However, as previously above. It also proved to be only a myth.


The study of diabetics have shown that water is consumed with food does not make a difference in the level of glycemic and insulin response, and this response is governed by the rate of digestion. Thus, any amount of water you drink during or after a meal will not change the way food is digested. However, in some cases, for example when a person suffers from acid reflux, drinking too much water at once can aggravate reflux.

3. Cold Water Drinking Not Good At Menstruation

Many news about menstruation trust such people should not drink cold water or ice during menstruation because it can cause menstrual blood is incompressible (exit non-current) and leave the rest to the uterine wall.

As a result of the assumption that, many women are afraid to drink cold water and ice while coming months, because they thought the water ice can make menstrual blood can not get out. This fear became so because many people believe that the residual menstrual blood in the uterus within 5 years or more can lead to cysts, tumors and even cancer of the uterus.


There is no relationship between the process of menstruation and cold water or ice, because of menstruation associated with the body’s hormones, namely estrogen. Menstruation is the process luruhnya wall of the uterus due to the absence of fertilization. Sickness and absence, or at least a lot of blood coming out and this process is influenced by hormonal and psychological factors. Menstrual complaints also be caused by factors position of the uterus.

When the position of the uterus cause the cervix (menstrual blood discharge channel) pinched, it will cause pain. Certain drugs can lengthen or shorten the duration of the period, but no connection between menstruation and cold water and ice. Cold water and ice do not have any effect during menstruation.

4. Cold Water Drinking Causes Affected Body Prone Diseases

This myth is based on the assertion that there are germs that can live at low temperatures (at higher temperatures germs it is turned off). But it turns out, and again, this is not entirely accurate.


Some types of bacteria will die when the water run into the cooking process until the water boils or microbial sterilization process. But when you drink water, you still can not guarantee that your drinking water has remained free from disease-causing germs. This is because you may not drink the boiling water.

In addition, some types of germs will actually grow better in our body temperature. If you remember the reason why probiotic drinks such as Yakult and others stored at a cool temperature, is that the probiotic microbes do not grow beyond the limits of tolerance.

So direct your drinking water you drink or have had a cooling process before you drink, is the same. The difference is whether the water that has undergone sterilization before and how do you keep the water remains sterile.

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