How was Manta, one of the main ports of Ecuador, following the devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8

Manta, the country ‘s most important port, waiting for dark, earthquake kit list lit only by the lights of ambulances and fire trucks , and spotlights of cars queuing to load just fuel off the base of the Ecuadorian Air force where his plane landed.

Plane dropped

Manta, reports the Attorney General’s Office, the earthquake left at least 105 dead.

According to the government the dead are more than 500, but it is feared that the figure will continue to rise .

And is that recastistas have less and less hope of finding survivors in the rubble, five days after the quake, said Wednesday the Deputy Minister of Interior Diego Fuentes.

Plane dropped
Perhaps the president could see that the flagship monument-a military airbase aircraft with “face” of shark’s fell to the ground after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck viciously particularly Manabi.

Worse it was the international airport of the city, whose control tower collapsed on the pavement , as if he had decided for once she landed on the track rather than aircraft.

First time

The arrival and departure of President briefly disrupted routine itself altered the base, which has continued to operate since the tragedy struck.

Here come the planes with national and international aid to combat the effects of the disaster that has mobilized all the South American country.

It was the first to land an airplane of the Air Force of Venezuela followed by another aircraft from Quito. They expected in the coming hours flight from Cuba and Colombia.

On the plane from the capital arrived Juan Carlos Amaguaña, doctor of the Central University of Ecuador and part of a contingent of 60 professionals, including aviation firefighters, paramedics and rescue personnel specialist.

“Our target stocks are Caraquez Bay, San Clemente and San Jacinto. All we know is that average city of Bahia is collapsed and others are available completely “.

Amaguaña behind appeared a young man named Jonhatan Velasco, proudly identifying himself as president of the Association of Medical Students of the Central University of Ecuador , then he admitted that neither he nor his companions had never faced a scenario of this nature.

“It ‘s the first real situation we have. Throughout our career we had a medical practice, but a tangible way to bond with society will be it. We were told we were going to find everything and we come prepared for whatever ” .

This is our people, this is our people, the president told us to help and we do whatever it takes to help You

Those who leave

Not only aircraft landing at the base in Manta Air Force but also constantly unstuck.

Captain Jaime Arroyo has not stopped moving out of Manabi wounded and came back with specialized medical personnel.

” Come around seven flights since we started operations early we left Guayaquil and Quito We are operating 24 hours.. We changed crew and fly all the time .”

In aircraft, specially designed to transport injured patients arrive doctors can stabilize for the trip.

But because of the criticality of the situation, Ecuador can not afford to rely solely on aircraft designed for tragedies.

Before my eyes a group of paramedics up on a stretcher a wounded by the steps of a civil aircraft airline Tame state.

A crew member who in other circumstances would be serving trays of food to tourists, look at the plane, watching recorder BBC World, and to explain the strange scene of a wounded raised in litters a civilian plane, he says high voice:

” This is our people, this is our people, the president told us to help and we do whatever it takes to help .”

Meanwhile, in the port of Manta, the president travels in the dark for a very different country he left a few days ago.

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