Gluing Vinyl One-Sided Banner to Plywood?

A customer once asked the type of glue that can be used to stick a one-sided vinyl banner onto a piece of plywood. Though this sounds like a simple question, here will be a question like this from several angles.

The first question I asked was, “How long do you intend to stay on this plywood?” I ask this question because there are glue that can work for a short time, but there’s only one thing I can think of that will last for a long time, but I’m not sure how to react chemically with PVC banners. The material (PVC is the same as vinyl).

We have used, in the past, for short-term applications like these, silicone adhesives because they are quite thick and after drying  harga plywood it is very difficult. In the long run, as in the next few months, I do not know if this will work.

There is a spray adhesive on the market called “Rubber and Vinyl 80” which may also work. Again, having never used it, I can only tell you that it is made by a company in the US that has a VERY good reputation and we use many of their products and always recommend them very well, but also have to be properly used.

So my advice, however, is to avoid chemicals you’ve never used before and look for a slightly more mechanical approach. You know the wood will not react with metal or vinyl or other wood, at least not with the most combination, so my advice is to use a wooden strip around the outside of the banner and paste it on the banner with the bolts that come in. Through both wood pieces and banner clamps onto plywood sheets.

Another way might be by using a stapler strike and just shuffle the heck out of banners so the wind can not get under it … but in my opinion this method is not very interesting, even though I’ve seen it finish with a Banner paper often where budget is a concern, and with banners Vinyl too. I guess if you pointed the way to an event like a 10K run or the like, that’s acceptable, but if you advertise your business that way, I would definitely ask you to think about how you would respond unconsciously. As prospective clients see thrown together full marks staples.

I know that in my mind I would think, “Oh my goodness, if they are cheap on their mark, maybe their product will also be cheap.” I may not even realize that this is what I think, but I guarantee my subconscious take it.

There are other ways to achieve a worthy look without squeezing George or the Queen until they become red. DTS printing, or direct to substrate printing, has been around since the new millennium and is a very appropriate choice where both are professional and will make your company look professional. You can have EPVC (PVC expanded) sheets printed either directly or indirectly (a large sticker can be attached to this material easily with a laminator), and its smooth surface makes a very interesting sign in and out of itself, especially at. 25 “Thickness.

I am a fan of banners of all kinds, from single or double vinyl banners to cloth dye banners, but I also know that they do not fit every situation, and frankly, except on weekends and you have no choice but to Ask for an exit banner From storage, I would definitely find a better signing option than placing a banner onto a sheet of OSB or plywood.

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