Is Our Company Require ISO 9001: 2015?

Is Our Company Require ISO 9001: 2015?

Lots of questions related to the need for quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 for the company, of course, the company is in need of a management system that can manage virtually all processes and activities of the work in the company, imagine an organization that does not have clear rules, related to say, a work rule.

Does the organization require ISO 9001 215

Confusion Rules / Procedures in Organizations

Many companies do not have clear rules associated with an activity in the organization, so as to make its employees or persons involved in the activity that is difficult to work or make decisions when encountering obstacles in their daily work. Konsultan Iso Di Bogor

In fact, many organizations do not have a standard mechanism How to report the results of the work or performance of activities carried out daily in the organization. Sometimes in organizations turned their condition too many procedures or rules that exist within a department or section, so that people who want to carry out activities which confused to run?

Iso 9001 2015 solution to the above problem of how to manage related documents applicable information within the organization or company, controlled and centered on the control part document, it will certainly make it easier for organizations to control information documents or procedures to follow in the company ,

Many organizations that do not have a clear target

Not to mention that some companies do not have a clear target or targets, what is to be achieved or accomplished in the current year will come three years or even five years to come. Whereas a clear target or targets is urgently needed so that all employees can walk towards the target date or desired by the organization.

Without a clear target, it could be each department will be concerned with the different departments or even clashing of the department and other departments, in the absence of the target Pupun Department employees will be confused which will be considered essential or priorities or just day-activity day.

Organizations rarely perform monitoring, evaluation or checking,

Some companies are also very rarely do the monitoring, evaluation or checks, the process being undertaken by the organization, whether the process is in accordance with what is expected or the rule of the organization? Is there the potential to improve the effectiveness of the process that is being executed?

To which department or section of the organization in an effort to reach its target or targets? The questions can of course be answered by their internal quality audits, due to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, the internal quality audit will be carried out as required by ISO 9001 in 2015 will be carried out periodically and reported to the Top Management.

From the examples above it can be seen the need to implement a quality management system ISO 9001 2015 in the organization or company. Often people misunderstand that there is a difference between ISO 9001 certification in 2015 with the implementation of ISO 9001: 2015. Implementation of ISO 9001 in absolute or indispensable in the organization, implementation is not meant to be certified, even some companies ask us to provide a style and how to implement a quality management system ISO 9001 2015, and without certification.

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