Natural Skin Care Facial

Need to implement facial skin care naturally in daily routine. It is important to give and restore the brightness, youthfulness and freshness of your natural skin.

You need to keep your skin moist. The amount of water in your skin will restore or maintain your skin balance. No matter your facial skin type, you have to do facial skin care, you have to moisten it even if you have oily skin. Although your skin is oily does not mean that the amount of water needed is enough. Causes of damaged skin and aging that should also be considered, among others:

Decreased collagen and elastin that come with age
The ability of skin to keep moisture
Decrease in natural antioxidants

Another important thing is to clean your skin properly. You also need a product that contains ingredients that will make your body produce its own collagen and elastin naturally, helping the growth of new cells on your skin. Some ingredients found in almost every skin care product include artificial preservatives called parabens (associated with cancer and endocrine system disorders), mineral oil (associated with pore blockage), synthetic fragrances (associated with skin irritation) and destructive alcohols such as isopropyl can Causing considerable damage in the long run. A good natural product should not contain harmful substances.

Facial skin care is naturally directed to overcome the problem of decreased collagen in the skin. The choice of natural ingredients has been demonstrated in clinical studies naturally increasing the production of collagen in the skin. It is a long-term, safe and natural way that helps the skin maintain its structural integrity. Examples: Natural oils such as babassu, grape seed oil and avocado oil moisturize the skin without clogging the pores, and also help to keep moisture. Here are some natural skin care tips:

Drink plenty of water every day
Eat fruit and vegetables
Eat foods rich in vitamins
Enough rest
Taking vitamin c
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Avoid chemical cosmetics

You can use home treatment like avocado or other fruit on your skin. If you can not make natural creams from natural ingredients such as fruits, you can buy natural skincare creams sold in cosmetics stores.

If you follow the natural skin care tips above, you will have glowing skin, the skin looks younger in a few months. Although there are plenty of cream and lotion gels on the market, natural facial skin care is the best way to keep your skin healthy.

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