Caring for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by irritation, such as erythema, scaling, stinging, itching, burning and tightness, arising after the use of cosmetics and body treatments. Also found a more severe case of atopic eczema in people with sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin responds very quickly when the skin reacts with environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution, cold weather and chemicals in toiletries. The most sensitive skin layer to environmental changes, skin care and cosmetics, is the outermost layer called stratum corneum also known as skin protector.

In scientific studies, hypersensitivity to stimuli in sensitive skin correlates with increased permeability of skin protective walls. Low content of nerve growth factor has been observed also in the protective skin on sensitive skin. Low of these factors can easily trigger skin inflammation. Therefore, the less good quality of the protective skin is related to sensitive skin.

Proper care of the skin protector is essential to keep skin healthy throughout the ages. The sooner you start skin care, the better your skin condition. Skin protective conditions are the key to healthy skin that can be characterized by attractive appearance, if proper care is maintained.

Appropriate treatment for skin protection should include cleaning, moisturizing and protective use of the coating. If your skin is sensitive, keeping it healthy may be more difficult than imagined. You need to be really careful and careful in doing sensitive skin care.

Most skin care products on the market contain a number of chemicals. And you certainly know that people whose skin condition is not sensitive can also suffer the effects of these products. Therefore, the use of chemicals is not the best solution for you. For this reason, many companies are beginning to use light chemicals for their products. Unfortunately, the results of their product use also do not guarantee the right end result. For that look for products made from natural that has been proven clinically keampuhannya.

Tips on Caring for Sensitive Skin

Make sure the skin condition is always moist. Because it is so dry will cause infection, irritation or damage due to exposure to sunlight. Use a product that suits the needs of the condition.

Feeding nutritious food also has an important role. For that much-lots to consume vegetables and fruits that contain high water, also containing vitamins.

During the day try to drink plenty of water, avoid dehydration conditions. – When cleaning the face / shower do not be too excited or too hard rub, because it will lift the lipid layer and make the skin easily injured by external factors / environment. Also note in choosing a moisturizing product, make sure the water content is high.

Beware of products containing perfume or perfume, because the product is known as the trigger for allergies.

In conclusion: sensitive skin can be overcome when proper treatment of the skin condition is maintained at a younger age, this action as a preventive therapy.

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