UV Ray Danger for Eye Beauty

People have memorized and understood the dangers of sunlight on our skin and the need to use sun protective fluids while outdoors. What is less known is the knowledge of the dangers of UV Ray rays for eye health and other types of radiation that could harm our eyes.

If you go out without proper eye protection, think that eye contact with UV light has been shown to cause eye damage. Eye damage caused by UV rays is called photokeratitis or sunlight. This condition causes pain, unclear vision and even temporary blindness.

In the long run, UV rays can be more threatening to eye health such as cataract or macular degeneration (loss of vision due to retinal damage). To protect the eyes from UV rays, wear sunglasses as a protector during outdoor activities. Note the quality of sunglasses that can keep the ultraviolet rays up to 100 percent.

Glasses with 100% ultraviolet light rejection quality will block UV rays along the 400 nanometers. The sun is now more hot than in previous years. That’s why we have to protect the senses of vision from the dangers of UV rays for the health of our eyes. This type of glasses is very diverse, make sure you choose sunglasses that have a side shield on the frame.

Those who have routine outdoor activities and are very exposed to sunlight are the ones most at risk of UV damage. Ultraviolet can be reflected back on bright surfaces like snow, water and white sand. Ultraviolet light emits the most dangerous threats around 10 am to 3 pm. On the continent of Europe, the threat of UV rays also arises when summer arrives where temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Now this level of UV radiation has reached the equator with very high altitude (altitude from sea level). It is advisable to wear sunglasses as a precaution against UV rays for eye health.

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