Benefits and Benefits of Kolang Kaling Fruit

Hasil gambar untuk kolang kaling

This fruit is often referred to as the fruit of the roof, which became one of the popular snacks in Indonesian society.

With the shape of an elongated, chewy, and white-colored fur collar …

The look makes the fower kaling is very interesting and coupled with the water content is very much.

Kolang fruits can easily be found for you to meet in the market, especially in traditional markets where many traders sell them.

Also easy to find during Ramadan or the month of fasting, at that number can be more

During Ramadan, many traders in the market and at home are vying to sell it ..

That’s because it is in the month of fasting one of the most popular breaking menu is the fruit kolang kaling this.

Kolang-kaling in Dutch called Glibbertjes … It means the fruit of the palm tree (Arena Pinnata).

The contents of the frozen fruit …

Fruit koling-kaling is known to have a fairly high water content, up to 93%.

In addition to water, kang-kaling seeds also have a protein content of 0.69 grams, and carbohydrate content of 4 grams.

Fruit Kolang-kaling is rich in potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and also gelatin.

Benefits and Benefits of Kolang Kaling Fruit

The shape and texture of this kaling fruits make it look unique, and very suitable as a complement to fruit ice. In addition to the delicious taste and very attractive shape, also has a nutritional content that is very beneficial to our body health.

As in it there are mineral contents like protasium, iron, calcium, which all have benefits that can facilitate the process of metabolism and make the body becomes very fresh.

Fruit kolang kaling is very popular with a mixture of fruit or cendol ice, in it has a variety of benefits and efficacy for health, following below explanation.

1. To strengthen bones

People are very diligent to consume milk because it has a high calcium content for the body, so milk is very useful for body growth, especially for children who are in its infancy.

However, milk has a high risk of calories, so if consumed in excess is also not good because it can make the body into obesity.

And in this frozen dolphin on every 100 grams of choline-kaling contains 91 mg of calcium, while pure cow milk in every 100 grams of pure cow milk contains 125 mg of calcium.

So with so consume fruits kolaling this can also be a good enough alternative as a source of calcium than milk.

2. As a diet food

Based on research done by the experts, that at 100 grams of fruits-kaling contains up to 0.69 grams of protein, carbohydrates as much as 4.0 grams, ash content of 1 gram, and coarse fiber of 0.95 grams.

As for the water content of fruits is very high up to 94% which with high water content makes the fruits froze very fresh in the body when you consume.

Then at kolang kaling also contained gelatin which has an effect for those who consume will be full of satiety.

So if you experience a state of excessive appetite, then do not worry because the fruits will make a loss of the appetite is excessive.

3. As a drug for arthritis.

In fruits have a content galaktomanan substances that have properties to cure or minimally can relieve the disease in arthritis.

If you are in the process of treatment, then you can eat this frozen fruit as much as 100 grams or less at each just.

To consume this frozen fruit (in such circumstances), it is advisable to be consumed by boiling without the use of all kinds of colors and sugars.

4. Kolang Fruit kaling rich in fiber content

Fruit kyang contains water and a lot of fiber, which is a substance that is beneficial to our digestive health, by which we can avoid the name of constipation, constipation and even diarrhea.

By consuming 5 to 10 grains of kolang kaling on every day, it is very nutritious to facilitate your digestion, in addition kolang kaling also popular and very good to run a healthy diet program.

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