Holidays in Jews

The life of the Jews is full of action, we celebrate the Mitzvah bar, circumcise the baby and much more is done there. So the Jews always like something, whether it be physical like a big meal in Shabbat, or spiritual like doing the ceremony havdalah every Saturday night. And of course, there is a holiday for the Jews. Every vacation that revolves around a different theme, some holidays karimunjawa tour for Jews is about celebrating victories, while others celebrate such joyful celebrations as receiving the Holy Torah. They are so diverse that some people need a little study thoroughly to really wrap their heads around the various customs and laws relating to each.

Indeed, holidays are such a diverse group that it’s hard not to wonder who and why decide things like they should. For example, take the Tishrei month, which means “Head of the year” and is the first month of the school year on the Jewish calendar. In the first month of this month, which means the first day of the civil year, we celebrate Rosh Hashana. Rosh Hashana marks the day Man was created first, and our wise man with blessed memories taught us that Rosh Hashana is the right time, because on this holiday we stand before God like a sheep and receive his judgment. This is the optimal moment for us to reflect on our bad deeds and how we can improve ourselves as human beings and continue His path.

A few days after Rosh Hashana, on the tenth of the Tishrei, we celebrated the second Jewish feast: Yom Kippur, Hebrew for “The Day of Atonement.” The period between the first and second holidays gives us additional time to repent for our sins. Then, at Yom Kippur, we take a break from our daily lives and try to behave more like angels: for example, we fast and pray extensively. While Jewish holidays include the sooner days, Yom Kippur, in general, is most famous and celebrated even by unreached people.

Then, you have Sukkot, which is the third Jewish holiday. Sukkot is very different from Yom Kippur, which lasted about a week earlier. During the sukkot we eat at Sukkah, like a kind of guuk to commemorate the journey of our ancestors in the desert and the temporary residence where they have to stay for forty years.

The people who actually observe the holidays will also sleep in Sukkah. For children on holiday, Sukkot is often the most beautiful time sign of the year. This holiday allows them to really participate in building and decorating the family in Sukkah. The decoration of Sukkah, for many in the world, makes Sukkot a magical Jewish holiday from other holidays.

The fact that some Jewish festivals are very different in nature and their motivations are celebrated in a few days, may be very surprising to outsiders. But we need to remember that everything in Judaism has a definite reason.

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