Benefits of Stale Tea For Face Beauty

Hasil gambar untuk teh basi

You like tea? Certainly, yes. Drinking tea is already a habit of many people, because tea is usually used as a snack friend in the afternoon. In addition to the smell of fragrant and tea taste that is typical of tea much preferred, tea also has many health benefits, such as anti-septic, prevent cancer, stabilize blood pressure and maintain memory. But if the tea is stale, of course you do not want to drink it again. But maybe you do not know that stale tea turned out to have benefits for skin beauty including facial skin. (Read also: the benefits of facial water for tea)

The substance content in stale tea

Benefits of this tea is obtained from the content of substances contained in a cup of tea, namely:

Polyphenols – polyphenols contained in tea are a type of flafanol and catechin compounds, which act as antioxidants to counteract free radicals in the body. These free radicals occur due to the influence of unhealthy foods and environments polluted by air pollution. In addition, this compound can also prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.
Vitamin A – A vitamin A found in tea is beta-carotene.
Vitamin C – vitamin C serves to keep the immune system so as not easily affected by the disease.
Vitamin E – vitamin E serves to maintain heart health and also can make skin smooth. Vitamin E contained in a cup of tea is 100-200 IU.

Tea has a variety of types and benefits respectively. Like oolong tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and much more. But for the best facial skin tea is green tea. This is because based on research at the University of Texas, green tea has more content for polyphenols, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

The benefits of tea are stale for the face

The meaning of stale tea here is leftover tea or tea that was deliberately precipitated from the afternoon until the next day. But not only the tea water alone, but also dregs of stale tea and tea bags used can be used for beauty facial skin. Stale tea that can be used for beauty is a tea without any mixture like sugar or anything else.

Here are the benefits of stale tea for the face and how to use it:

1. To brighten the skin

The content of vitamin E contained in tea is very good for maintaining skin health. Although the tea is stale, but vitamin E content is still present in tea so that tea can brighten the skin and manjaga elasticity of the skin so as not to slack quickly. Even stale tea contains 508 times more vitamin C than lemon.

Way, use tea dregs that have been silenced overnight. Wipe the tea dregs like a scrub or as a face mask. Do this every day to get maximum results.
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2. To get rid of acne

Acne problems often interfere with the appearance of our faces. One easy way to overcome acne is to use this stale tea. Because this stale tea water deposition has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti septic properties that are useful to eliminate the acne causing b acne and prevent the occurrence of inflammation resulting from acne. In addition, stale tea can also reduce the amount of sebum that interfere with the pores that prevent the appearance of acne.

The trick can be in two ways:

Using a dyed tea bag – If you want to use a bag of dyed tea bags, you just stick a bag of dip bags that have been soaked overnight to the acne prone skin. Let stand for 10 minutes. Then rinse face with warm water.
Using stale tea water – you can also use stale tea water that has been deposited overnight. Apply or wash your face with this stale tea water in the morning. Do this three times a week to get optimal results and face acne free.

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3. To eliminate panda eyes

Panda eyes or also called black eye bags is a condition where there are pockets and circles under the eyes to resemble the eyes of pandas. The cause of panda eye is due to lack of sleep, fatigue, crying too long, allergies, dehydration, and much more. When you will move in the morning and find panda eyes on your face, of course this will be very disturbing appearance. Perhaps the panda’s eyes can be disguised with the use of cosmetics, such as eye cream, foundation or face powder. But it would be nice if you can eliminate the eyes of this panda. Using stale tea can be one way you should try.

The trick can be in 2 ways:

Using stale tea water – Place stale oven tea that has been deposited overnight into the basin container. Then dip the face

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