Benefits of Stale Tea

In addition to being known for drinks that have low levels of caffeine, tea is also known as a drink that has many benefits for health and beauty. That is the reason, why tea is consumed by many people of all ages, especially the way of making it easy. Usually, tea is usually taken as a friend to eat bread and biscuits.

Not only fresh tea that has benefits for health and beauty, pulling stale tea can still be used to take advantage. However, stale tea that can be used to take advantage of only tea is left overnight, instead of tea that has been left for days. Stale tea is not recommended for consumption, as it is only allowed for use only, such as for facial and hair care.
Pictures of Stale Tea

In order not to be more curious, you should know the benefits of stale tea for the beauty of the following facial skin. In accordance with what is quoted from, this is the benefits of stale tea for natural beauty.
5 Benefits of Stale Tea

Overcoming Acne
Acne is a facial skin problem that is considered very annoying because it can disrupt the appearance. One way that can be done to overcome the acne is to use stale tea, the way is to put a bag of tea bags dipped overnight on acne, let stand about 10 minutes and rinse using warm water.
Brighten Skin Face
Previously it was known that in tea contain vitamin E, even though the tea is stale but the content of vitamin E in it still exist. The content of vitamin E can be used to brighten the skin. Way, just use the tea dregs that have been silenced during the night as a face mask.
Eliminate Panda Eyes
The panda eye is a term used for black eye bags. Usually, panda eye problems caused by the habit of staying up late, too long in front of the monitor and can also be caused by crying all night. To get rid of panda eyes can be done by using stale tea, the way is dipping face into stale tea water with eyes open or eyes open. [1]
Smooth Skin Face
Furthermore, stale tea can also be used to smooth the facial skin is by using a tea that has been left overnight to wash my face in the morning, after waking up.
Tighten Facial Skin
Not only has the ability to smooth the facial skin, stale tea used to wash your face regularly so that the face becomes firmer and look more youthful.

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