Can You Claim Land of the Free?

free land is something that exists everywhere. We only need to look around and find the same. This article talks about the various aspects of the claim free land.

If you think to claim free land or property is a new concept that is being done in a few times, then you are wrong. This has been going on since time immemorial and you can find examples of this from your history books.

Going back into history for a good example, one can speak of new settlers who came to America and claim free land jasa topografi as their property and go ahead with building a house and farm on it.

Back to today, it can be safely said that there were plenty of empty and unclaimed plot of land lying around unused and unregistered can be claimed by the individual public like you and me.

The first and most important step towards claiming free land or property is the identification of a plot to stake your claim. Because you can not call anything and everything that you see it as your own, be selective and live a bit of detective work after work well in this property identification stage.

Property unwanted or unclaimed always have some signs that you need to be able to observe and identify. Ensure that such signs include broken or boarded-up windows, gates and garden overgrown, derelicts, garage unused, empty tract of land fields or bush, or unused and abandoned industrial buildings and commercial premises.

Driving around your neighborhood will not help because there is a high possibility of missing signs of subtle and non-obvious unclaimed property. Walk around your neighborhood for spotting these signs.

Once you have completed the identification, registration check is the next step for you. Contact the Land Registry to find out whether the land is registered, not registered or pending in the status of the first application.

If the plot is already enrolled there may be many reasons behind it. Owners can die without any relatives left behind. Or maybe that is relatively not want the ground or maybe the owners have moved abroad to leave this property.

First, if registered this could mean several things like the owner has died and has no relatives, the family may not be interested in their part of the land or property, or perhaps that the owner may have just enough plentiful and move abroad.

Coming to the third example of the land is in ‘Pending first application’ mode, it is better to let go and find another free plots of land not because someone else has beaten you to it and claim it first.

Once you have checked the status of registration of promising piece of land, you need to trace the original owner ahead because as you will be required to provide evidence for contacting the person when you go ahead to stake a claim on any ground.

A helpful hint would go and ask the neighbors first. Remember that the most close neighbors will know about the owner. Other parties including the local post office, the voters list, the milkman, the owner, news agencies and in some cases, probate registry office (for example where the owner is dead).

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