Benefits of Cardamom

In Indonesia, this type of spice is easy to obtain. We can buy and get it in the market, at the grocery store and in the place that sells cooking spices. Although Indonesian people rarely use cardamom for seasonings. However, cardamom spice is much sought after by society for its benefits. Because in addition can be used as flavoring spice, cardamom can also be used for treatment. This is because in cardamom there are active substances that have the ability to treat various diseases. says that within the cardamom is contained in the form of essential oils, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, protein, terpinol, alfaborneol, brick-camphor and many more other contents. That is the reason why cardamom is widely sought and widely used because it has benefits for the health of the body.

After knowing the content of substances contained in cardamom, then will be given information about cardamom benefits that dianalisir from The cardamom benefits are as follows:
7 Benefits of Cardamom for Health

Overcoming Cough
The content of essential oils, sineol and terponol in it has the ability to cure cough, from dry cough to cough with phlegm.
Treating Swollen Gums
The analgesic properties possessed by cardamom have an anti-inflammatory ability that can be used to treat swollen gums.
Boost the immune system
Cardamom is a spice that has the ability to boost the immune system against attacks of bacteria and other pantogens that can bring various diseases into the body.
Improve the Digestive System
Essential oil content in cardamom is useful to overcome constipation, abdominal bloating, dysentery, relieve stomach pain and various other digestive disorders.
Maintaining Skin Health
The content of antioxidants in cardamom have the function to ward off free radicals, so the skin stay healthy and avoid the threat of skin cancer.
Relieves Pain
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties, making cardamom has the ability to relieve pain.
Can Improve Blood Circulation
Essential oils contained in cardamom have the function of smooth and improve blood circulation, so that blood pressure becomes stable, the heart becomes more healthy and can improve the performance of other organs.

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